Thursday, January 06, 2011 an extent.

Yesterday I took Murphy out while I ran errands. And then we went to the park to train for a bit. I put him on his lead and we worked on coming when called, staying when put, and...well ok, that's about it. But what else do you really need a dog to do?

Here he is, getting miffed because I keep making him sit, then walking away. Sometimes I call him to me, and other times I just walk back to him. Either way, he gets a treat if he doesn't break move until I release him.He did good. Real good. So we came home and I put him out on the deck for a while so I could make dinner in peace. A short time later, I heard a sound that I've been waiting weeks to hear: BARKING!!! A neighbor had pulled into her driveway and Murphy was barking at her. YAY!

Now you can only understand how happy I am once I tell you that Murphy has been a very quiet dog since coming here. He hasn't barked at anything or anyone other than people like The Spud who've tried to pet him. But I want a watchdog that barks when people come around, if only so that I know that they're there. So I've been waiting for him to do this, and finally, yesterday, he let loose with a great, deep, ferocious-sounding barking. It was great. I was so proud of him. I brought him in and lavished praise upon him. I petted him and told him what a good dog he was. I was still praising him when he reached up and grabbed a catfish fillet right off the counter.

Damn dog.


  1. Well, it certainly sounds like he is beginning to get that this is home, not just a temporary crash pad. And it sure sounds like he's making himself at home as well. LOL!

    You know, as often as your dogs steal food I think you allow it. You keep leaving it out for them to get, knowing that they will. Is this a passive aggressive way of treating them without encouraging them to beg you? ;)

  2. It took Ranger FOREVER to decide to bark! But just when I was worried I read that some Shepherds do not develop that instinct until 1 or 1.5 yrs. And what do you know - just after a year old he finally lets loose.

    Goodness but Murphy is getting handsome...

  3. 10-80...Lagniappe knew the difference between MINE and HIS and he respected it. This guy hasn't quite gotten it down yet.

    And he's only ripped me off twice--a loaf of bread and a piece of fish--so it's not like he's making a habit of it.

    He'll learn.

    Oh, and tell Mrs. 80 that she needs to put up more posts.

  4. That is just awesome! That made me laugh.

  5. Thanks for the laugh.Sorry about the lost fish.

  6. LOL- Gotcha again didn't he :-) It's ALWAYS one day at a time, as you well know. But the progress seems good so far!

  7. Pond-raised or river-caught, you didn't say.
    Could be the dog just has good taste, you know?

  8. Don't tell my Louisiana friends, but it was just-thawed frozen Vietnamese.

  9. I am loving the stories about Murphy!! He definitely has a personality all of his own! :)