Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sometimes life does imitate art.

But was it a Triple Dog Dare?
WOODWARD, Oklahoma -- The Woodward Fire Department was called out at 7:24 Tuesday morning to rescue an 8-year-old boy whose tongue was frozen to a pole.

Firefighter Shane Pingry said firefighters arrived on the scene at 7:27 a.m. to find the boy standing on his tiptoes with his tongue frozen to the pole of a stop sign across the street from the Woodward Middle School.

A teacher saved the day with a bottle of drinking water. Firefighters poured it on the boy's tongue and it took about a minute before the boy was free.

Pingry estimated the boy had been stuck to the pole for about 10 minutes. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

When asked why he'd stuck his tongue to the pole in such cold weather, the boy said it was because his older brother had dared him to do it.

The boy's name was not released.

Some people's kids...


  1. Double Dog Dared him, undoubtedly.

  2. I surprised the firemen didn't need treatment for surpressed laughter.

  3. LOL- Hell, 'most' of us did that at least once growing up... I don't remember the fire dept ever being called... you either used your fingers to 'eventually' get loose, or you just pulled and ripped it loose.