Saturday, March 12, 2011

Alaskan militia not so funny any more.

Alaska. I love that state. It's beautiful and some of my favorite people live there. However, some of the other people there seem to be bone-stupid, and I have to shake my head and wonder about them sometimes.

About eight years ago, some kid named Schaeffer Cox, then fresh out of whatever high school he'd attended in the lower 48, shows up in Alaska and starts running off at the mouth about Libertarianism and the so-called "Sovereign Citizen" movement (where the government doesn't have authority over you if you don't want it to). He runs for elected office a couple of times and loses handily. He involves himself in the gun rights movement and uses it as a platform for his weird ideas, including one where he starts traveling around the state setting up his own courts. And then he forms a militia and declares himself it's head.

Now Cox has never served in the military. But that's ok, because most people who flock to militia groups haven't either. Such groups are gathering places for underachievers who just want to belong to something and maybe feel powerful for once in their pathetic lives. These groups are filled with the fat, the lazy and the incompetent, but they have guns and they have anger at a society that doesn't let them run it, so without even asking the rest of us, they declare themselves to be our guardians and appoint themselves watchers over our lawful authorities, like Cox did. Cox claims that his group exists to watch the police and to serve as a check on the government and remind them that if they go too far, they'll encounter opposition from armed citizens. His group also pretends that they'll be there to step in and act as local law enforcement or security forces the next time a Katrina-type disaster strikes, a claim that many militia groups make. But the reality is that we already have trained professionals who will do that. If these militia jokers really wanted to be helpful in time of crisis, they'd be volunteering with the Red Cross or similar disaster-response organizations to help hand out food, water and basic supplies to those in need. A lot of dedicated people do that, but then most militia goobers aren't cut from that sort of cloth. They don't want to help people--they just want to stand around with guns and intimidate people, and claim some sort of power and authority over other citizens without it actually being given to them by the rest of us. They look forward to the day when they can start bullying and oppressing people and making others respect them at gunpoint. That's really all they are--cowards and losers fantasizing about the day when they can be somebody because they have guns in their hands.

Well every now and again, this sort of thing gets those people in trouble. They start acting on their fantasies and they wind up in trouble with the law. We just have to look at people like Ed and Elaine Brown, the Alabama Free Militia, the Welch family, and the Hutaree Militia. And now Schaeffer Cox is on that list, along with a few of his cohorts.

You see, Schaeffer, man that he is, punched and choked his wife when she threatened to leave him last year. Then he caught another case for interfering with police officers and failing to disclose that he had a concealed weapon on his person as state law requires when he showed up as police were checking a house following a domestic disturbance and began shadowing the police and trying to record them. He was supposed to show up in court on that case February 14th, but he skipped out on his bond and went into hiding instead. Now fearing arrest on this MISDEMEANOR charge, he hatched a plan with his buddies to kidnap and kill several local state troopers and at least one judge in retaliation for his own arrest. They apparently went so far as to map the locations of the troopers' homes and stockpiled weapons around the area in anticipation of their coming battle with the law, a battle which Schaeffer was all ready for as he reportedly told at least one trooper that his group could "wipe them all out in one night".
Tough talk from a boy barely out of his teens. But in this case, he's got a following of other people with guns and no common sense.

Well now his dumb ass is back in jail, along with a few of his minions. They've got high bonds set, so it's doubtful that they'll be released any time soon. But what gets me is that so many other Alaskans were so quick to jump onto this kid's band wagon and accept him as their leader. Grown men, many of whom have jobs and families, were coming out of the woodwork saying: "Hee-yuk! You kin be my general, Mister Cox...You ain't but a kid, and ain't never been in no military, but I'll take yer orders...SUH!" WTF?! Who does that? Even in Alaska. But there are a number of them, and the letters to the local papers seem to bear this out. The kid had and still has a following made up of people who you'd think would be smarter than that.

But the real victims here are the lawful gun owners of that state and the country. When people like Cox manage to snake their way into the gun right movement and pervert it for their own ends, it makes us all look bad and gives those who would take our guns away that much more ammunition. That's why we, as a pro-gun community, have to be wary of those who would rise to speak in our names, and we need to scrutinize them as closely as we would any candidate for public office. we don't need our cause discredited by people like Cox (and there have been others over the years) and we don't need the beliefs and the actions of crazies or criminals attributed to us as a group.

Anyone who has read this blog for more than a few posts knows that I'm all about guns and gun rights for every law-abiding citizen in America. But I will not stand with criminals who plot to kill our law-enforcement officers or other public officials, nor will I allow them to go forward in our name and take us with them even if only by association. Schaeffer Cox was never one of us, and I wish the government well in their case against him.


  1. Excellent essay,informative in all respect's and completly accurate.

  2. Dead on the money Murph... And you can bet he's played right into the Brady Bunch's hands...

  3. Yeah, this essay is excellent if you trust the mainstream media, believe in out of control government, and really have no clue what a militia really is supposed to be, nor the law.

    In other words, it's excellent if you really are an ignorant dumb ass, to use one of Murphy's descriptions, and have no idea what is really going on. It merely parrots and collects together the propaganda that the mainstream media has already fed the public.

    Murphy is a diligent slave.

  4. Actually, Murphy is just a dog. He doesn't write these posts. But please--tell us all what is incorrect of the news that has been reported. Did Francis Cox have a court date in February? Did he not show up for that court date? And how do you account for the information in the criminal complaints that can be downloaded from the March 11 NewsMiner article that I linked to? Is that all false too? Please tell us what's false and how you know it to be false. Don't just come here with a grammatically-pathetic comment about how "it's all lies".

    Worse than the armed criminals running around our country plotting to hurt people are those fools who think that any armed criminal who professes a love for guns and a hatred of our government must be some sort of hero. You're not one of those, are you, a?

  5. Anonymous8:31 PM

    These morons need to be locked away for ever.

  6. Wow, talk about bias...

    do you write for the ADN or FBX Miner as well?

    Mr Cox was on the right path, the path back to Common Law (the country was founded on this, its in the Constitution) and checking an out of control government.

    what happened? the FBI came in on this case and kidnapped him for something that happens EVERY DAY in this country; the extra ordinary attention should be raising big red flags, but people like the author of this sophomoric article clearly don't like investigating anything beyond what the glowing tube or the biased paper tells them.

    Question Everything, BOLDLY!

  7. The Constitution doesn't mention Common Law at all, Eric. In fact, it supercedes it and replaces it with a system where the people govern themselves under a framework of checks and balances.

    And the FBI didn't kidnap anyone. Your hero was initially wanted for failing to appear in court. He promised to appear before being released on bond, but I guess that you guys don't consider a man's word to be binding when given freely, do you? So your boy was a fugitive from justice and while out, he and the other five Mouseketeers hatched this plot to begin kidnapping and killing police officers, judges, and their families. And based on the evidence that they've disclosed thus far, all of this is hard for you to refute.

    Now please, if you've got something a little more convincing than an accusation that I write for the newspaper (I don't) or the typical "you don't see what's going on..." line, please show us all. Make the case and I'll give you all the space here you need to do it.

    I'm not going to hold my breath, though. We both know you can't.

    Tell Francis to be careful bending over for the soap when he gets to prison, eh?

  8. There are idiot on all sides. Liberals have lots of them and yes there are people on the right that are in the same boat.

    Schaeffer Cox and crew will get their due in court.

  9. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Wow. This Cox guy is a poster-child for "dumbass." Good essay, couldn't agree more.

  10. " Such groups are gathering places for underachievers who just want to belong to something and maybe feel powerful for once in their pathetic lives. "

    Im guessing you would have said the same thing about our founding fathers while they conspired to oppose the tyrannical British empire.

    your article? obnoxiously biased, synonymous with an incorrect attitude reinforced through media and dimwitted-journalistic enterprise. (srsly, get a job at ADN)

    The "facts" you stated were mostly correct, as far as the court dates and things, but a little prior knowledge is needed to grasp the entirety of what's happening here. the opinions you related are extremely biased. Something tells me your quite the gullible character.

    Whats worse than armed criminals running around our country plotting to hurt people? How about a country RAN by HEAVILY ARMED CRIMINALS who don't just hurt the people of this country, but plot to injure, rob, and murder hundreds of thousands of people all around the world?

    YOU support this? There's blood on your hands buddy.

    The reason Cox did not show up to court is due to the FACT that the court system is a cooperation, a for profit institution that passes on COOPERATE LAW under the guise of "The LAW". Upon learning this, and by declaring "sovereignty" from the cooperation he is not required to participate within it's "legal" system, as according to THE LAW. Cox presented the judge with this information, and requested that the courts legal validity "THE LAW" be represented with evidence, and that if it did not, that Cox would not participate within the cooperate judiciary as he had declared himself a "non-member" of that FOR-PROFIT institution. A cooperation governs itself not through votes by the general population, they are voted in by shareholders. Do some research and find who the shareholders of Alaska's for profit court system are. This is not fiction. Cox did not want to set up "his own courts" all over Alaska, he wanted to establish COMMON LAW courts, which existed in this country at one time, and are very effective at providing fair, un-purchasable judgment if organized properly. I highly doubt that Cox and those involved with his militia were intent on murdering anyone, they were interested in abiding by THE LAW and not an imposed "cooperate legal structure" that ACCORDING TO THE LAW has no authority over him, or myself. This is not fiction!

    The way Cox went about his campaign was VERY immature and I don't think that he could see past his nose a time or two, unfortunately narcissistic. Cox needs a dose of humility and wisdom, a few of his actions up to this point reflects that of a punkish character with bad direction, but good ideas. I hope that the militia re-forms under a more balanced and forward thinking leadership. Violence is and never has been the agenda of that movement, but it is very much so within the acceptable conduction of the cooperation's law enforcement policy that is being opposed. In order to protect your ideals and beliefs, like force may be necessary.

    I don't see you bashing police or federal agency's illegal action in this matter, fabricated evidence and all.

    your article is proof that our tyrannical, corporately dissolved government is doing a mighty fine job of keeping it's dimwit population apathetic through it's propaganda machines. I thought your writing was a joke until about 1/2 through. A+ for being totally out of touch with reality!

  11. Nathan,

    I admit that I published your screed because it's funny to me and it shows everyone how nutty you guys are.

    First of all, the word “cooperation” keep using that word, but I do not think it means what you think it means. I suspect that you mean “corporation”. Big difference, son.

    That said, America is a country built upon a framework of laws that were crafted and are enforced via a constitutional framework created by our nation's founders. There is not and never has been this mysterious plot to make aspects of our legal system a “for profit corporation” like you and other dimwits claim. It is what it is, and it's the way our country runs. In America, the people create the laws via their elected representatives and directly via the ballot process. The people can likewise change the laws any time that we choose. But once enacted, unless the laws are changed or set aside by the courts, we're all bound to respect and obey them. It seems like you and Cox and a few other malcontents want to keep living in our country and enjoying all the benefits, but you don't feel obligated to put anything in or accept any limitations on your conduct. That's immature and unrealistic and frankly I could not be happier if you goofs would just put your money where your mouths are and get the hell out of my country if you despise it so much. But I suspect that you're all way too cowardly and way too broke to ever consider leaving here.

    Now that dealt with, I'm known for my criticism of the government when they do wrong. And had they done anything wrong in Cox's case, I'd be all over it. But I haven't seen any wrongdoing by them, and despite my offer to you nutbars to show me some, all you do it type more rhetoric.

    So put up or shut up. If you show me wrongful acts by the government, I'll post it. But until then, stuff a sock in it...and consider moving to some other country if you're not men enough to support and defend this one.

  12. Well said ML. I couldn't have said it better and I support this view completely.