Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Are you freaking SERIOUS?!?

Obama now wants to appoint one of the most corrupt and incompetent women in America--if not on the planet--to head the FBI.

Jamie Gorelick--the woman who created the intelligence-sharing wall between law-enforcement agencies like the CIA and the FBI and who bears part of the blame for the Twin Towers falling on 9/11 as a result--is now one of Obama's short-list picks to run the FBI? This is the woman who moved on to run Fannie Mae, the giant mortgage association, and it was under her brilliant leadership that it crashed and burned due to mismanagement of sub-prime loans to people who had no ability or incentive to repay them. That crash took much of the housing market down, and thanks in significant part to her bungling and malfeasance, most of us cannot sell our homes for what we owe on them today.

In short, this woman has literally caused more harm to America's economy and national security than anyone I can think of, save Obama himself. If the old Soviet Union were still around, they'd have likely given her some sort of an award by now for all she's done to kneecap this country!

And Obama wants to give her the keys to the FBI now.

Shouldn't we maybe try her out on something a little smaller first, until she proves that she can run something--anything--without totally fucking it up? I'm thinking maybe we start her out on one of those little coffee and bottled-water kiosks down on the National Mall.

Hell, she'd just find a way to screw that pooch, too. But Obama thinks that she'd be a great choice to head the largest and most powerful law-enforcement agency in North America.

Not just "no", but "Hell no with gasoline and a match tossed on top of it!" Appointing that woman to any post would be an insult to America, but appointing her to that post would be a straight out declaration of war on America.

What's next from our Imperious Leader? Sarah Brady as head of the BATF? Rosie O"Donnell to head the CIA?

Seriously, folks. The joke is over. Bring Bush and Cheney back.


  1. It's not whatcha know, it's who ya know.

  2. The Obama Administration seems to be an example of the Dilbert Principle writ large. Namely that the more incompetent you are, the higher you go.

    Yes he's serious, and don't call me Freaking.

    For now, i'm just concerned about the sheer incompetence of the Obama Administration.

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  4. I am sure Murphy resents your use of the phrase "Screw the pooch"... I am sure he would be highly opposed to this unbelievably stupid woman coming within 50 feet of him unless he was off leash and had been given a direct order from you to "take care of business..."

    2012 cannot come soon enough for me.

    Texas-sized kisses to Murphy. (And a pat on the head for his daddy.) :-)

  5. i truly hope this is a joke... if it's not, we're @#^&... sigh...

  6. 2012 can't come soon enough.......dammmmm

  7. hell with Bush and Cheney!
    Dad and I are going down to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library with shovels.

    Sorry Gipper, but your country needs you!