Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I learned something today.

I learned how to anger one-half of a mother/daughter pair while making the day of the other, all with just one question.

Ask them if they are sisters.

Not that I personally did this or anything...

Well ok, maybe I did.


  1. My daughter and I always found that to be a compliment. Your Mom/daughter pair must be lacking a sense of humor (or dislike each other).

    Hope they didn't hurt you too much.

  2. Better than the Wal Mart Greeter who tried to be nice and complimented the decidedly unattractive woman on her "twins" to which she lit into him like a pit bull replying heatedly "Twins, they're not twins for God's sake, they're six and nine, why would you think they were twins", to which the man replied "Well, Maam, I just couldn't believe someone would have sex with you twice."

  3. Good strategy if you have a taste for cougars; otherwise, not so much.

    Brigid: LOL!