Sunday, March 20, 2011

Murphy has a new buddy

Last night I took Murphy to Petco to let him pick a new toy out. I gave him his choice, with the sole proviso that I maintained veto power over his selection, which is why he's not currently playing with a live ferret, a kitten or the little Pekingese dog that some other shopper had on a leash. In due course, Murphy adopted a fuzzy duck that quacks when squeezed.

It's a hit. We've played countless games of "fetch" or "where's the duck?", and there hasn't been a quack-free minute since he walked in the door with it, save when I finally took it away from him and put it up at bedtime so that we could both get some sleep.

Ya gotta love dogs...what other creature can you make so happy for so long for less than ten dollars?
"You can has my duck when you pry it from my cold, dead paws..."


  1. That's really cute.

    And better than when I went to Petco on Bachelor Day. All I got was a goose.

  2. The first thing to come out of Bouie's toys (before the stuffing, of course) is the quackery/squeaker/noisemaker. That way, we can all maintain a semblance of sanity!

    That's an adorable pic!

  3. Well you gotta watch your six a little better, Brigid. ;-)

  4. HAHAHAHA! Thanks, I needed the laugh, this morning!
    (and ML, you stole the comment I was going to spin Miss Brigid's way...good job!

  5. Sanity is over-rated... Squeaky toys... sigh... :-)