Thursday, March 03, 2011

OK, so I've been tagged with this prestigious award. Twice.
First by Brigid, and then by ASM826 over at Random Acts of Patriotism.

I wanted to wait until today to accept and pass it along to other, more deserving bloggers, because I will have much free blogging time today. So today having arrived, in accordance with the rules of this award, I am to tell you all seven (7) things about myself that most of you probably do not know. I am then to nominate 10 more bloggers whom I read and enjoy daily, and they, upon acceptance, must do likewise.

So about me.

1. I once worked in an ice cream shop as a teen, but I was let go because I could not manage to figure out either the antiquated cash register or how to put hard ice cream on cones without busting the cones.

2. I once lived in a camper made out of an old ambulance in the Colorado mountains for a whole summer...with a dog, of course.

3. I taught Geology for a year and a half.

4. I was once a defense attorney and I never lost a case in court. I won both cases and retired with a perfect record.

5. I was once bitten by a wolf...then thrown out of the zoo after going to the information desk to request a bandaid and asking if the animals were up to date on their shots.

6. I like old musicals.

7. I once took a fancy to an attractive young lady down in New Orleans, only to find out right after asking her out on a date that she'd been born a guy.

Life's seldom been dull, let me tell ya.

My nominations for great blogs, in no particular order, are:

The Shekel
Gator Girl Tales
Providentia (When he actually writes)
Moogie's World
The Warrior Class
Conservative Scalawag
Jigsaw's Thoughts
Liberty Zone
Musings of a Vast Right Winger Late addition...I always seem to miss one.

I like many others, but believe that they've all been named previously. Heck, just check out my blog list to the left. They would not be on there if they were merely average.


  1. At least "she" told you.

  2. Actually someone else pulled me aside and put me in the picture. And I quit asking girls out that I met on Bourbon Street.

  3. Some nice choices. I once had a co pilot who was a Mormon. Straight as an arrow, though fearless in an airplane. We FINALLY got him out on the town in an attempt to finally get him laid on a layover (the term layoer has a meaning well deserved, part of the reason I never dated fellow pilots). Kicking and screaming, we took him to a night club. This really beautiful dark haired girl, tall, long legs, beautiful hair and makeup, caught his eye. He actually blushed and said he was going to ask her to dance. He came back to the table quickly. Apparently when he said "Hi, my name is Karl, "she" said "hi, my name is Steve".

    Of course, for the next three months every time he came up on frequency someone would go. "Hi, my name is Steve".

  4. I worked in an ice cream shop for a couple of years. They kept the ice cream very cold because it made it harder to scoop and you could roll these little hollow shapes that looked bigger than they were.

    Never been to New Orleans, or dated anyone that wasn't born female, at least as far as I know.

    Good list, made me laugh, gave me a little insight into something about you.

  5. Hey! I just wrote two on Wednesday!

    Thanks for the props. I think you are my only reader :) Not even my wife reads my blog. She's too busy studying Latin!

  6. Sorry for the delay...I have subscribed to your blog about three times now, but it won't seem to appear in my inbox and I get behind easily. Apparently, 1) I'm an idiot and am doing something wrong or 2) what you have to say is so important to my soul that Satan and his minions are working overtime to keep me from reading it. Naturally, I'm going with #2.

    I had no idea you taught geology! I have often said if there was ever a science I'd go into as a career, it would be geology. I couldn't get enough of it. The earth just fascinates me. Unfortunately, science majors required a lot more math than an English and journalism one at my college, so I had to forgo that path.

    Thanks for the nod to my site. I'm looking forward to breakup and getting out more so I'll have more fodder for the blog.