Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Paging Pavlov...

While I've been laid up, my neighbors from down the road have been coming by twice a day to walk Murphy and sometimes take him over to play with their dogs, including a cute little female Greyhound that I think he's taking a fancy to.

They call on the phone to let me know that they're coming, and the ringtone is different for them than for most random callers. I've noticed that Murphy has now connected the phone calls and that ringtone to their impending arrival and every time that I get a call, as soon as I hang up he runs to the window and sits, staring out, waiting for them to arrive.

"OK, that was the phone call. They should be coming down the road any minute now...any minute..."

"They're HERE! Oh, joy, Oh JOY!!! Let me out...Let me OUT!!!"

At least I'm still his favorite person at meal times.


  1. I'm getting a vision...

    ...of a future post...


    (wait for it)

    ...Murphy's Romance!

  2. Great. Take a German Shepherd who loves to run off and mate him with a Greyhound.

    The puppies will probably be cute, but no one will ever be able to catch them.

  3. hehehe- Yep, NEVER catch em... :-)

  4. I will be sending the cookies UPS, just so he has the added joy of getting to possibly dismember the UPS man.

  5. He is sooooo clever!!

    And, about those fast puppies -- hahahahaha!! (says the woman who won't have to chase them)