Saturday, March 05, 2011

Saturday morning man movie

In The Undefeated (1969), the Civil War has just ended. Ex-Union Colonel John Henry Thomas, played by John Wayne is moving horses to Mexico to sell. He falls in with Ex-Confederate Colonel James Langdon, played by Rock Hudson. Langdon and his band of followers are on their way to Mexico to join up with Emperor Maximilian.

Enroute to Mexico, they encounter a group of Mexican bandits who try to shake them down. What follows is a textbook example of how real men negotiate with terrorists.


  1. Col. Langdon: "The women. Yeah, okay, señor you can have the women. Hey, John, my Union friend, you know the temperature drops quickly at night out here in the desert. Can I share your bedroll?"

    Col. Thomas: "No."

  2. Works for me... no recivdism there!

  3. That's what you call a good start.