Friday, April 08, 2011

Ah, civility. Dems encourage terroristic acts at Congressman's home.

This must be that new civility that Obama was talking about.

Democrat Party activists are now encouraging people to take their garbage and dump it at Congressman Boehner's house.

Seems to me that they should be dumping it at Harry Reid's house, or at the White House. After all, the Republican House has actually passed a budget. The Senate just refuses to go along with it because it doesn't spend enough of our money.

And I have a real problem with the idea that it's ok to go to someone's house and stalk and harass them there just to play political games. I wouldn't support it at Reid's house either, even though he's the one who is really responsible for the impending government shutdown. This sort terroristic intimidation is way over the line under any circumstances and I hope that arrests are made and convictions follow if any such actions take place.

But even worse is the fact that this isn't just angry citizens planning and promoting this. The two main organizers of the event, Jonah Goodman and Nolan Treadway, are paid operatives for the Democratic Party. Goodman is a staff member of the Democratic National Committee and Treadway is the political and logistics director for the liberal group Netroots Nation. In other words, they're Obama's henchmen, doing exactly what Obama has publicly called for an end to.

Seems to me that it would only be right for Obama and Harry Reid to show up and personally clean up any garbage that their minions throw out at Congressman Boehner's house. And every Democrat and supporter of that party needs to be ashamed that their once-great party has sunk so low as to resort to stuff like this.


  1. It is not wise when you are planning an illegal act to post a date/time on Facebook. It would seem that a Speaker of the House, or even Joe Bagdonutz citizen could call the local gendarmerie and have a reasonably sized team of professionals there for processing the criminals. But, we are talking DNC, so disregard my first about "not wise".

  2. Personally, I'd invite the Patriot Riders over for coffee that day... :-)