Tuesday, April 12, 2011

California Teachers Union worried about Pennsylvania Cop Killer

Yeah, that's right. Instead of focusing on how to better do their jobs (they get paid to educate the public's kids), the wanna-be agents of world change that make of the membership of the California Federation of Teachers is devoting their time and energy towards advocating for convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, the ghetto hood who murdered Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner in cold blood back in 1981.

Frankly I tire of hearing fools claim that this hood was "set up" and that he's really innocent. The facts in this case are about as cut-and-dried as any criminal murder case in history.
At roughly 3:50 a.m. on December 9, 1981, Officer Daniel Faulkner stopped the car of William Cook [corrected] on a street in Philadelphia. Cook is the brother of Abu-Jamal. Coincidentally, Abu-Jamal was parked nearby in a taxi he was driving. Upon seeing an altercation between Faulkner and Cook, Abu-Jamal ran across the street and shot Faulkner in the back. Faulkner was able to get a shot off at Abu-Jamal, seriously wounding him. With the wounded Faulkner on the ground, Abu-Jamal shot him in the head, killing him instantly.

At the time there were only three people in the immediate area of the crime: Faulkner, Abu-Jamal, and Cook. But others were nearby. Within minutes there were statements taken by separate police officers from several different witnesses who identified Abu-Jamal as the shooter. There were only two guns on the scene, Faulkner's and Abu-Jamal's. Ballistics show that the bullet in Abu-Jamal came from Faulkner's gun, and that those in Faulkner came from a gun like Abu-Jamal's. In the presence of a hospital security guard, Abu-Jamal shouted "I shot the m__f__r, and I hope the m__f__r dies."
Witnesses, physical evidence, his own statements...that's why he was sentenced to death and why no one but the American leftist subculture has ever doubted his guilt.

And by joining in that fight--and using union dues to do it--this bunch of teachers has declared themselves to be too stupid and too un-American to ever be allowed in a classroom with anybody's children.

But these retards go even further. They're actually lionizing Abu-Jamal as a "civil rights hero". Seriously.
Fred Glass, CFT spokesman, told TheDC that the even though the case is 30 years old, since Abu-Jamal is still going through appeals, the issue remains relevant.

“The delegates decided it was time to reiterate that they supported him due to the irregularities that they felt had taken place during his case,” said Glass. “They see this as a civil liberties issue, it is quite common for the CFT to take positions on broad social matters like this.”

Well I suppose that it's more satisfying than trying to, you know...teach, I guess.

Where else but in California do you have public servant school teachers calling the murderer of a public servant police officer a "hero", civil-rights or otherwise?

And the Democrats are only was too happy to keep accepting their campaign funds and passing laws that help them get more money while offering the taxpayers less in the form of competent teaching.

We really need to give Southern California back to Mexico with the express provisions that they move all of their illegals back into it and that they also have to keep all of the liberals, union members and common criminals who live there. Then we wall it off once and for all.

And the rest of our public schools need to be purged of unions ASAP. Let's do it for common sense, and let's do it for the children. Scott Walker for President in 2012!

Oh--and Fry Mumia!


  1. Like you, I've done a little research on this case and that scumbag is 100 percent guilty. The pain his supporters are causing Officer Faulkners family, especially his widow, is vile. It's time and past time to drop the hammer on Mumia and end this nonsense.

    Have I mentioned lately how happy I am that I no longer live in California?

  2. *sigh*. And how much public money has been wasted over the last 30 years feeding and housing the scumbag?

  3. Agreed! This one has gone on WAY too long...

  4. It ain't just California.


  5. Anonymous8:46 PM

    This SOB needed to ride the lighting
    blot a long time ago.