Wednesday, April 20, 2011

He's getting it!

So this afternoon, I'm out talking Murphy for a short walk. He sees a neighbor's miniature Chihuahua standing in the street and tries to go play with it but the little taco dog is quickly scooped up by it's owner before Murphy can get to it. (Sorry, Buddy...)
However, Murphy is still tugging at his leash a bit, and apparently when I hooked it up, I connected it to one of the light rings that hold his tags on instead of the collar itself, because suddenly, with a snap that send dog tags flying everywhere, Murphy was free.

Aw, Damn. Here we go again, I thought. Let the games begin.

But Murphy just turned, looked at me, and walked right back up to me. And then he stood patiently while I reconnected his leash. This is the first time that he ever voluntarily came back once he found himself off of his leash.

Every day, this dog gets a little better.
I gots to behave...I think that the boss was gonna leave me with those strange people over the week-end! I need to show him that I'm worth keeping here!


  1. YAY, way to go Murphy. When I first got my Shepherd, Niki, she just wasn't getting anything. I had commented to a friend of mine who's a breeder about how dense she was and we were going to trade her for a different puppy. She must have heard me becauses all of a sudden she was gettin' it. Sit, down, stay, come, she was really getting it.

  2. With a face like that how could he be anything but a goooood dog?!

  3. Good for him and you! What a face!

  4. Good!!! Progress however small is still progress! :-)

  5. Who's a good boy?

    His facial structure is such that he would make a good model for a tougher Anubis, although he's a dog, not a jackal.

  6. good boy!! He needs another bag of pig's ears from Aunt B.

    Woke to major head cold, going to miss the boneyard today. ughhh.

  7. He really is a beautiful dog. He has intelligent eyes.

  8. He'd be beside himself with happiness, Aunt B.