Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Obama golfs again on Memorial Day. Only British notice.

As they point out...he couldn't even be bothered to devote one day--Memorial Day--to spending time with our troops instead of pleasuring himself (ironically on a military golf course).

Obama goes golfing on Memorial Day--70th game since taking office.

It would have been nice to see an American newspaper comment like this. And we all know that had it been George Bush or Sarah Palin golfing on Memorial Day, they would have.


  1. Very telling difference. On Fox last night they showed the several day biking excursion in the Big Bend Country for Wounded Warriors led by former President Bush.

    Why should Obama inconvenience himself when he can inconvenience hundreds of military/retirees who would have liked to have been out on the course on the holiday but couldn't get near it because of security?

  2. Exactly, Ed.

    Every time Obama hits the links at Ft. Belvoir, at Andrews AFB, or anywhere else, the whole course gets closed to everyone else. The real members of our military can't even use their own golf courses because on almost every Sunday that he's in DC, he's on one and everyone else is barred. He either doesn't realize or doesn't care that most of these people have duties during the week and Sunday may be the only day that they can get out to play.

  3. Ed beat me to it... He DOES shut down Andrews when he plays, which means NONE of the troops can play while he is there.

  4. The presidency always has been about him. The total narcissist, making things difficult for the little people. They shouldn't begrudge "the one" since it is a form of tribute.

  5. If the Brits are giving him grief we are screwed! I do hate this for our military!