Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Obama puts full-time propagandist on government payroll

Obama is has just created a new staff position expressly for the purpose of making him look good on-line and retaliating against anyone who dares criticize him.

Hardly new, this sort of thing has up until now been handled by political committees or supportive groups. But apparently that wasn't good enough. Now Obama wants one on the taxpayer payroll, in the White House, answerable to him and him alone.

From now on, we can expect the blogosphere to circulate pro-Obama puff pieces designed to make him look good, and scurrilous attack pieces on anyone that Obama deems a political threat. And it'll all be coordinated by Jesse Lee, Obama's personal minion and hench-boy.

When's the last time we've seen something like this? Wasn't it that Goebbels fellow?

Come to think of it, his boss tried to wipe out the Jews, too.

Hopefully conservative lawyers will look into this. This just has to be a violation of any number of campaign finance laws or laws restricting the partisan political activity of government workers. We all know that if the Bush Administration had ever done something so bold, the liberal establishment would be screaming right now. But since it's their guy doing it...


  1. Yep, Goebbels is right. Any bets he gets away with it???

  2. I still wonder if all the rich liberal jews will vote to reelect obummer? Time will tell.....

  3. There is a huge section on publicity and propaganda (prohibited) in the "Redbook". I keep meaning to look up and read up. Anyway, the gist of this rule is that an agency can't use tax dollars for self-promotion, but only for informational purposes. Anyway, that said, this new position makes me curious if this crosses the line. On the other hand, better lawyers than I work in the white House and probably already have a 10 page memo on why it is ok. And on the other other hand, when a lawyer works for an executive branch agency, the lawyer opines as much as possible in favor the head honcho . . . so