Monday, May 16, 2011

Obama shows his disrespect for police officers again

Sunday, May 15th, saw the surviving family members of 165 police officers who were killed in the line of duty honored at the US Capitol building as part of the 30th annual Peace Officers Memorial Service, one of the highlights of Police Week.

Notably absent--again--was Barack Obama. He skipped this event, and turned his back on our fallen law enforcement heroes and their families, to play yet another round of golf at Andrews AFB.

This marks the second time that he ditched this event. He couldn't be bothered to attend in 2009, and while he did show up in 2010, many people suspect that it was only damage control as it took place right after he called Cambrige, MA police "stupid" for arresting his pal, black activist and professor, Henry Gates.

By way of contrast, President Bush attended and spoke seven times out of eight, only missing it one time, when he was in Jerusalem.

Barack Obama has never shown our nation's police officers the respect that they deserve. We saw this last week when he and Michelle hosted rapper Common at the White House despite his songs containing lyrics threatening police and praising cop-killers like Mumia abu Jamal, among others. New Jersey's State Troopers protested, as Common wrote a song idolizing Assata Shakur, a fugitive currently hiding in Cuba who killed one of their own, but Obama blew them off, calling Common, a fellow attendee of Reverend Wright's racist America-hating "church", a "socially conscious artist."

Bringing a thug like Common into The People's White House was bad enough, but doing it during Police Week, and blowing off the families of those officers who gave their lives for their communities across this country, is reprehensible, even for the Obamas.


  1. He can't change his spots. He can talk all the trash he wants to about how courageous he was on the Osama call but in the end he is what he is and he can't help but to show it. I hope all those Chiefs and associations who supported him in 2008 are paying attention.

  2. I'm third generation LEO. I can't comment more publically but that just "chaps my hide" as the commercial says.

  3. I can only take some solace that at about 5/8 of the way through, we're at least past the midpoint. Shortly, he'll have to preserve whatever political capital he may have to retain his nomination as his party's standard-bearer, and in so doing perhaps his threat to our Republic will be somewhat mitigated.

    The fundamental optimism of the American people entrusted our precious nation to this snake oil-selling charlatan promising hope and change.

    Like the tattered cloth waving over Fort McHenry, our constitutional republic has been battered and bruised by the hubris of this empty suit icon.

    We may have been fooled once, but will not be again. In 2013, the sun will again rise to illuminate that banner, hoist high above, as Ronald Reagan said, "a shining city upon a hill."

  4. You ARE seeing his true colors, and they ARE NOT red, white and blue...

  5. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Your post is pretty one-sided.

    Obama is the one who finally passed the 9/11 First Responders Health Care Bill, which Senate Republicans tried to filibuster.

    On the other hand, when hundreds of police officers were protesting in Wisconsin, you called them thugs on your blog and praised Gov. Walker.

  6. So MY post is "one sided" but instead of showing us the other side, you go off on a tangent, talking about other stuff entirely.

    Obama has never done anything for police officers, even when it would have cost him nothing. The fact that he pals around with scum like Bill Ayers, a liberal who once did his best to murder police officers, shows us where Obama is coming from ideologically. But he routinely disrespects our military heroes too, so it's not like our police officers aren't in good company.

    The only good thing about Obama skipping Police Week is that he really has no business standing up before so many good men and women and trying to steal some of their glory. (And we all know that he would have just started talking about himself again, and his life, and closing with some campaigning for his re-election attempt.)

    Obama not being at a function for police or military heroes is kind of like Michael Jackson not being at a nine-year old's slumber party.

  7. "Socially conscious artist.". Rubbish.

    Perhaps 911 should place a block on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  8. Obama lives for Obama and no one else.

    So what's new?