Friday, May 27, 2011

Slow posting. But still shooting

It's just been slow here.

Yesterday I took a neighbor shooting. She said that it was only her second time shooting a gun, but she was great. She understood that guns are dangerous to the user if not handled properly and her respect for the weapons was evident, however she wasn't scared of them and she followed my instructions and retained what I'd told her in my initial safety briefing. Being new, she had few bad habits to un-learn, and though she had trouble working a few slides and double-action triggers, she concentrated on what she was doing and almost every shot went right where it was supposed to. It was an excellent day out, both for her and for me watching.

Weapons used were as follows:
Walther PPK, caliber .380 ACP
Smith and Wesson Model 642, .38 Special 2"
Smith and Wesson Model 66, .357 magnum. 4" (she still shot light .38 loads)
Browning "Hi-Power", Model of 1935. 9mm
Smith and Wesson M&P 40, .40 S&W, borrowed from another shooter.
Marlin Model 1894 lever-action rifle, .357 magnum
She wants to buy a handgun, and eventually a long gun, both mainly for self-defense, so we tried a few representative samples that fit her rather small hands. I'm thinking that the Kahr 9mm would have been a good addition, but I don't have one. Anyone else have recommendations for a small-handed shooter? And for a long gun, next time out we'll try the M1 carbine as well. I'm thinking a 20ga. shotgun'd do her well, too.

She shot a lot, all close-in and with no time constraints, but the point this time was familiarization and technique, just working on being safe and smooth. If you're smooth, speed will come. But a good foundation with solid technique and safety has to come first. To her credit, she was there. In fact, she was there so much that when three yahoos showed up and started to shoot rather carelessly, she pointed it out to me. I was very proud. And she can shoot with me any time.


  1. FANTASTIC! That is what I like to hear! Good on you for doing this. I do not have any recommendations for the small hand size however.

    Good on her for calling out yahoos! I get to do it all the time....sigh.

    Thought the "BUG" came back. Good to hear from you.

  2. Being from Canuckistan, we don't seem to shoot much in these parts. But that could be from the circles I travel in. Wish I could find someone to teach me how to shoot properly (wrong terminology I know, had a couple watchin' the hockey game).

  3. Come on down, Deb. No shortage of decent shooters down here who would take you out, I'm sure. And if you ever get down this way...

  4. She would do well with a SIG 225 (P-6) if you can find one, less expensive the Kahr. Also, the trigger can be replaced with one more attuned to short fingers. As to the self-defense long gun I'd suggest a .410 Mossberg pump shotgun, they have a home defense verson set up with a shorter stock. FWIW I've responded to a number of homicides involving .410 single shot shotguns, wickedly effective in a house.

  5. To Deb, what Murphy said! You would have to get down even further than where he is at though.

  6. I've heard it said, and believe it to be probably true, that women are easier to train as shooters, lacking the machismo "I'm a guy, I know all this stuff already" mentality.

    My daughter (9), is a fine shot, and a quick study. Whenever I've brought out a new firearm, I run through the operations (loading, cocking, safety off, etc.), and within a few shots, she starts performing the steps herself, without my telling her to, and I back off (still close enough to provide safety) without her having to say "I can do this."

  7. Keads and Murphy (only if'n I can bring my dogs), if I ever get down your way, I'll take you up on that.

    The Donald, way to go on teaching your daughter how to do it right. My Daddy taught me the same way with horses. They're big and they can hurt you but you have to show them the respect they deserve.

  8. BTW Keads, tried to post a comment on your blog regarding packing for vacation and Bloggler wouldn't let me. Bin havin' problems with that all week on other blogs I follow. Great big ol' WTF with that.
    Murphy, thanks for the forum.

  9. BTW Does your neighbour cook? Maybe she can fix that rotten spaghetti thing. ;)

  10. For a handgun, I cannot recommend the CZ-82 enough. Yes, it's an odd caliber (Makarov), but it's inexpensive as of yet to shoot, the gun itself is less expensive than most, and it's a 12 rnd capacity magazine. Odysseus got me one for Christmas two years ago, and I love it. (I have very small hands--I'm under five feet tall, and have an impossible time finding gloves to fit that aren't knit in primary colors and cute patterns)

    It's a bit big to be easily concealable, and is kinda heavy, but if I can do it, I'm pretty sure anyone can.

    Barring that, I like my Walther PK380. It feels just like my P22, and the trigger pull is very similar. The unfortunate thing is that it's even take down, clean, then put back together after practicing with it.

    My self-defense long gun is my very first rifle: an AK-47. Not ideal, but it's mine, it's one of the accurate ones, and I love it.

  11. I have small hands and these are some of the handguns I own that may fit her hand:
    Glock 23 (40)
    Kel-tec (380)
    Bersa Thunder (380)
    Ruger LCP (380)

  12. Glad she enjoyed her range time :)

    I have very very very small hands. We're probably more limited in what guns we can get hold of than you are, but just for reference I shoot a 9mm Springfield 1911MA1. I've put slim grips on it, and short trigger extended mag release and it fits me fine.

  13. Thanks for the gun tips, all - I have small little mitts myself and have found most of the guns I've handled to be unwieldy. I'll have to look into the ones mentioned above.

    Thank you!

  14. @ Deb- Four legged friends are always welcome here! Try again on the comments, they seem to be back up.

    @ Murphy- thanks for the forum!

  15. Just start her on .22s till she gets all the procedures down on gun handling. It does not matter if revolver or simi-auto, handgun or rifle.

    Just get a .22 that is similar and have her shoot it for weeks. That way she will bet trigger control, sight alignment, grip, stance, reloading technique, etc.. down pat.

    As for larger guns, just find one that fits her hand. Don't matter if its a .38, 9mm, .40, .357, etc... just one that fits her well then have her shoot it as much as she can find time and funds for.

  16. Thanks, Neighbor, for the day out. Your praise makes me little cheeks glow pink.

    I have cleaning stuff and Dad's .22. Now I need to have the time to bring the two together. Got his Browning .32 partially disassembled but got stuck. I know I've seen it completely apart before but can't remember the steps. Did find that it's got a little bitty piece with a spring that will pop out if you aren't careful. 'Bout had a heart attack - thought it was going to bounce down through the deck cracks.