Sunday, June 19, 2011

The scariest thing in the house...

So on Friday, I was over at the home of some friends and we were eating dinner in their living room. After looking at me for much of the day (I was wearing shorts), their adorable young daughter finally worked up the nerve to come over and ask me what happened to my leg.

I tried the old "When I was your age, the monster under my bed tore it off" line that works so well with young kids (Sorry, Misty) but she wasn't quite buying it. So I asked her if she'd ever seen anyone take a leg off before. She said no, so I pulled mine off. I held it out to her, but she backed away, although she remained totally fixated on it. I put it back on and then she asked: "Did that really come off?"
So I took it off again for her.

She turned to her mom and said: "I think that's the scariest thing in this house."



  1. But she DID come ask you and look at it, so by default you did educate her. Thanks for taking the time and making the effort!

  2. Part of her grew up by a couple of decades in those few moments.

    That's not a bad thing.