Sunday, July 31, 2011

Joe Biden charges his Secret Service protection detail rent

Is this the same Joe Biden that decries waste in government spending and claims that he and his co-conspirator, Obama, are working to reduce the national debt?

Biden charging Secret Service for cottage rental

So not only are we protecting him, but we're paying him cash for the privilege of doing so?

Personally I agree with Pete Sepp of the National Taxpayers Union, the group that monitors federal spending:
Mr. Sepp also had a thought on what Mr. Biden could do with the rent money he collects from the Secret Service: “Every elected official can do the same thing average Americans can, which is to write a check to the Bureau of the Public Debt to bring down the national debt.”
But that would require class on the part of Joe Biden, so I wouldn't advise holding your breath waiting.

And I think that we all know that if Former President Bush or Vice President Cheney had done this, the lamestream media would be screaming outrage over it. But since it's the Obama Administration...cue the crickets.


  1. Shouldn't the article title read, more accurately, Joe Biden is charging the American public for the housing for his Secret Service detail?

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  2. Good point... sigh.

  3. I notice those in Congress do something like 65 percent better on their investments than the general pubic.

    No doubt because of insider information (which is illegal for thee and me but not those who write the laws apparently.)

    What Biden did is just par the course for our government. Not as corrupt as, say, Afghanistan but give them time.

  4. I think Billary did this also, on their home in Westchester...

  5. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Slick Willie and the Hilda beast charged the Secret Service rent also

  6. What he's doing is taking their housing per diem, the toad. Yes, they should get a housing allowance when out of town. But Biden is just one more example of this administration's raging hypocrisy and the whole embedded Washington idea that it's their money, not ours.

  7. I was fixing to say that Billery did the same thing...... But since it was democraps doing was the lamestream news.

  8. Private home in a area outside DC. Acceptable rent; however, he was the one to state that paying taxes was patriotic. What a dirtbag. The MSM would be outraged to hear Bush or Cheney doing this.

  9. There is this little thing called the Anti-Deficiency Act, that prohibits an agency - like the SService from accepting "gifts" and supplements to their appropriations. If the SService accepted free rent in this instance it would technically be prohibited under the Act because, presumably, they would lease a residence nearby if Biden did not have this cottage on his premises. Really, the rent needs to be charged - unless you can get Congress to allow agencies to accept free stuff. The government decided not to do that long ago with the Anti Deficiency Act (and other similar statutes) presumably to prevent corruption and to make the Executive Branch fairly dependent on the good will of Congress for their funds. Biden could give the rent back to the govt. where it cannot go to the Secret Service, but could go to Miscellaneous Receipts.

    Gen. Govt. Atty lesson for the day. :)