Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Man Movie

In this clip from Deadline USA (1952), Humphrey Bogart stars as crusading newspaper editor Ed Hutcheson, having a discussion with gangster Tomas Rienzi.
"Cool" doesn't begin to describe Bogie. Hollywood should have just one star of his caliber today. Sadly, they don't.


  1. Clint Eastwood definitely had the coolness factor during his career, I'd put him up against Bogie in that regard. Clint was convincing in multiple genres, whereas Bogie was pretty much restricted to gangster/noir films.

    Among current actors I think that Robert Downey, Jr., has the coolness factor, especially in his Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes films. I'd be tempted to say Johnny Depp, but he's a little bit too camp to really be cool.

  2. True... Today's crop is just average..