Monday, July 18, 2011

Sometimes I think I run a deer motel

Because when I look out my window, I see nature. And nature sees me.

It's hot, so she's just lounging. Waiting on the evening corn throw.


  1. And Murphy is trying to take the door down???

  2. @OldNFO: He would if he saw it, which is why I keep him out on the front deck when I want peace and quiet.

  3. Tough job. Want me to bring you some corn?

  4. I used to feed the local birds in a bird feeder. I stopped doing it because they pooped everywhere and they woke me up too early in the morning with their chirping.

    Hubby called them my welfare birds.

    Deer are nice and quiet. Since you feed your deer everyday, you have welfare deer!

    I think that I would rather have welfare deer than welfare birds.

  5. Shhh. Don't let anyone know your deer are on the dole or the Democrats will try to register them to vote!