Saturday, July 30, 2011

The week that my mother was accidentally cool

Yeah, it happened once, years ago.

I had borrowed her car for some reason or another, and as was the norm back then, I took a few of my music cassettes with me to listen to. (If you have to ask what a cassette was, you're too young to read this blog. And stay off my lawn, you damned kids.)

Some days later, I noticed that I couldn't find a particular one. I didn't think much of it at the time, but about a week later, I was back at my mother's place and when I looked in her car, there it was, still in the cassette player. When I asked her about it, she said that she really liked that cassette and that she'd been playing it all week.

"You liked that cassette?" I asked, rather surprised.

She replied that she did. She said that she liked the singer.

I asked if she knew who he was, and she replied that, no, she did not. Apparently she just liked the ballads that comprised much of the tape. Of course when I explained to her who Meatloaf was, and that the name of the cassette was "Bat out of Hell", she immediately changed her opinion and gave the tape back to me.

And so ended her brief bout of coolness. So sad.

But here you go, Ma. Just in case you want to be cool again when you're out bombing around with your Red Hat posse.


  1. I've had a few convwrsations like that with my parents......

  2. It's 9 PM and the bat phone has not rang yet. Yay!

    I remember my mom in the kitchen dancing around in the 70's singing "do do do do do la la do la. . tuna casserole!".

    And I said "WHAT are you singing?" She said "I like it, though it's got weird lyics. It's called Tuna Casserole"

    The song.

    "Do the Hustle".

  3. My late mother absolutely loved MeatLoaf! And Stevie Ray Vaughn. She was very cool.
    Brigid-that's too funny!

  4. Too funny. And "tuna casserole" ..? Classic!

  5. There's a series of books out with mis-heard song lyrics and titles (probably out-of-print, now)
    Of course, "There's A Bathroom on the Right!"
    "Tuna Hotdog" (Do the Hustle)
    "Donuts make my Brown Eyes Blue"
    "Slow-motion-Walter, fire engine guy"
    (Smoke on the Water, fire in the sky)

    I blame tinny AM radio speakers.

  6. My mother confiscated my Rumours tour concert t-shirt, with the image of Mick Fleetwood & Stevie Nicks.

    Something about the objects hanging from the drummer's waistband being 'obscene'...

  7. The good ol' days when songs told a story and sometime the story had a moral, filled with the pithy truths of life.

    " I'm praying for the end of time."

    Which makes me thing about dirty deeds being done dirt cheap. I wonder how many people dialed that phone number just to see if someone answered.

  8. My daughter worries. We share a lot of likes. I'm old. She's not. Hee Hee.