Thursday, August 25, 2011

Guess who I saw this morning.

The first thing that I saw when I looked out my window was a big buck eating the deer corn that I'd put out last night. I watched him for a bit, wondering. Could it be?
Then he moved off, and I saw that he was limping and moving like he was 90 years old.
Yep. Gotta be. The one that I hit two days ago. It happened less than a mile from here so it's gotta be the same one.

Half of me wants to put out even more corn just to help him along and make him feel better, and the other half of me--the half that likes my SUV and has to try to fix it today--wants to shoot him now just to keep that from happening again.

And he is a beaut. Looks like an 8-pointer and pretty good sized. No wonder my grill guard gave way.



  1. Well, if you were going to shoot him, you wouldn't admit to a felony by posting it on your blog, right?

  2. Perhaps Animal Control can help you out with this? And leave him with you for disposal? You hate to see an animal suffer like that.

  3. Oh, I won't shoot him now. He's probably the same buck that I've been feeding here for three years now since he was just a little fawn with his mamma, and even if he's not, it doesn't feel right to shoot one that's come to regard my yard as a place of sanctuary due to my feeding and landscaping efforts over the years.

    Anywhere else during hunting season, they're fair game. But here they're as safe as if they were in a zoo.

  4. Venison is good... Just sayin... :-)