Sunday, August 21, 2011

How do I always manage this?

So today, courtesy of a mutual friend, I was introduced to a young, attractive single gal who allegedly loves running and dogs. "Perhaps my luck is starting to change," I thought.

Then she showed up. Wearing a "Free Mumia abu Jamal" T-shirt.

Nope. It surely has not. Sigh...


  1. Run away! Run away!

  2. How else do you change the viewpoint of idealistic neophytes other than engaging in interpersonal interaction and discussions sharing one another’s experiences and perspectives? In other words, don’t judge the book by its cover, you just might find the contents to be more closely related to reality.

  3. I'd love to see him freed...from all of the pain and strife that comes of being alive. Then again, I'm sure that would be a case of frying pan and fire.

  4. "... if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all..." (/Heehaw)

  5. Maybe she was being ironic?

  6. Mutual friend? Said friend must have a warped sense of humor.

  7. So, this friend really doesn't know either of you?

  8. Well, if it's any consolation - you're not the only one.

    "Oh, your dog sheds so much!"

    "You mean you shoot Bambi?"

    "I'm afraid of guns in the house."

    The older I get, the less I care if I end up old and cranky like Walt Kowalski - after all why stop now, I'm halfway there...

  9. Pity I didn't know in advance. I actually have a shirt that say "Fry Mumia". That would have too cool.

    As it was, as soon as our mutual friend told her what I do and have done for a living, she seemed to have someplace else to be just as pressingly as I did. Just as well.

  10. I've had one "blind" date in my life. A gal who used to dog sit Barkley when he was a puppy set me up with her husbands coworker. He took me to the most expensive restaurant in town. Apparently there was some miscommunication as he thought I was a wildlife biolgist specializing in big cats (LEO) or something. When he realized what I did, and the fact that he was still on house arrest (for something I had nothing to do with, mind you) he suddenly fled the restaurant leaving me the tab and no ride home.

    Last blind date EVER.

  11. Possible justification:

    1. It was a joke your friend set up.
    2. She was hoping you would be eager to get her out of that T-shirt
    3. She does her shopping at a thrift store specializing in destitute loonies
    4. She can't read
    5. She is eager to be converted to the good side of The Force
    6. She was brain kidnapped by zombies on the way to the date
    7. You misread the T-shirt due to the incredible distortion of the printing

    If none of those apply, RUN AWAY.

    I good friend of mine told me of the difficulty of middle-aged dating. He simply said the women had all become Medusa.

  12. Just wear a T-Shirt that says, "I was one of the men who captured Mumia abu Jamal".

    Or how about 'Free Mumia abu Jamal! Feed him to the sharks."

    Ever think that maybe the girl is just wearing the T-shirt cause someone gave it to her and she has no idea who the guy is? Kind of like a Che T-shirt.

  13. LOL (with you), BTDT...

  14. At least she advertised her true colors up front, and didn't lead you on - and you're not (sorry, Brigid!) out the cost of a dinner!