Monday, August 15, 2011

In other news...

I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Expatriate Owl today. Definitely nice to be able to put a face to the name.

Then I came back to the Lair only to be told by my neighbor (the Crazy Cat Guy, one-half of the Crazy Cat Couple who feed and provide breeding space for untold masses of feral cats) that Murphy barks too much and too loudly for their liking.

I explained to him that Murphy only barks at trespassers on his land, and this is pretty much limited to the UPS man and cats, most all of which come from the Crazy Cat Couple's yard. Of course he did not believe this. He accused Murphy of just barking at "birds, trees, the moon and the stars."
I told him that if those were the names of his cats, he's probably right.

Word of advice: If you plan on buying a house, go meet the neighbors first.


  1. Uh, yeah. You can pick one of these: Family/Neighbors. Even then Neighbors can change. I DO love the Redneck next door. He is interesting to watch. Apparently his manhood was affronted by my moving in. Three Mustangs here. He decides to go buy a new Camaro. He had two Golden Retrievers but decided to go get a pit bull after my arrival.

    Sitting on my front porch one night he wheels up on the yard with a four wheeler. After I just had the yard seeded. First thing out of his mouth while I am looking at the Pit, is "Don't be afraid of him". I tell him I am not afraid of the dog, just deciding if I need to shoot it if it comes out of the four wheeler and analyzing my sight picture.

  2. Freaking neighbors. I sincerely hope if they decide to be as annoying as our lovely new neighbor and report him for nuisance barking the cop who gets your case is far more willing to listen and investigate than just decide to write tickets out the ying yang until you are either forced to move or find the pup a new home. As we are tied to the house for awhile longer Gracie took pup back. My girls still cry for him and we are all plotting some very happy Halloween tricks.

  3. Anonymous9:02 AM

    In Indiana there is a law against harboring feral cats. If caught, the state makes the offender pay to have them fixed. May want to take a preemptive strike against your shitty neighbors...

  4. We now can shoot feral pigs if we notify the cops a day in advance. Maybe you should put snouts on some of those cats and ship them to Louisiana.

  5. Live trap all of the feral cat's crossing onto your property. Each time you catch one turn it in at either animal control or a cat shelter. Yes, there are such places. The cat's are screened for illness after which they're either put down or spayed and placed for adoption.No collar, no tag, no proof of ownership and fair game for a shelter. Don't advertise what your doing, but don't make a point of hideing it either.