Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ZOMG! The deer gods must have been angry

At least that would explain the earthquake.

Sorry folks. I'll drive with more due care from now on. I had no idea.


  1. That's what you get for offending the dear gods! I just assumed it was the Founding Fathers spinning in their graves!

  2. Oh, auto spell check sucks! DEER!

  3. Glad to know it was your fault, not Bush's.

  4. I was shocked that it was not Pres. Obama's fault that you hit the deer. If it was, the earthquake also should be his fault and not the deer (or the dear) gods.

    I pretty much agree with Kneads though that the earthquake was caused by the founding fathers rolling in their graves.

    I'm betting that he and I have different reasons for believing that though. :)

  5. Well, maybe it was mostly your fault. I'm sure Bush set this in motion before he left the White House, though.

  6. 3 deer taken out by my patrol car, no body damage due to slow speed.
    1 deer knocked out by my truck, no damage.
    1 deer taken out by my wife's car.
    1 bike vs. deer, I lost.
    All in a 3 year timespan very close to my own house. One prior M/C vs. deer, lost again year's earlier, about 4 years now w/o a deer collision.

  7. Three kinds of people who drive in deer (and elk) country.
    1. Those who have hit a deer.
    2. Those who will hit a deer.
    3. Those who will hit one again.