Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh, the HUMANITY!!!

HOW and WHY do obviously stupid people get nice guns?

New York City gun buy nets pen gun...and something else.

This pen truly is mightier than the sword.

A homemade, single-shot “pen gun” with a .22-caliber round still loaded in its tiny chamber was among the 164 firearms turned in for cash at a buyback program held in a Staten Island church, stunned authorities announced yesterday.

It is the first weapon of its type to be surrendered in the history of the three-year citywide program – a joint venture between the NYPD, the five borough district attorneys and clergymembers that has taken more than 7,000 guns off the streets.

The owner of the powerful, pintsized pistol – which more closely resembles a tire pressure gauge – was given a $200 bank card, as was anyone else handing over an operable handgun during Saturday’s event at St. Philip’s Baptist Church in Port Richmond. All gun donors were granted anonymity.

Also included in the impressive haul was a Nazi officer’s 1939 Luger P08 with an authentic SS seal, said a spokesman for DA Daniel Donovan.

The jet black German gun – considered a prized piece among collectors of military paraphernalia – was still capable of firing.

“Each one of these weapons, in the wrong hands, represented an opportunity for tragedy,” Donovan said.

And some retard turned that Luger in for a $200 gift card.

Sigh. If that pistol was matching and in good shape, it would have been worth ten of those gift cards...maybe more. it should be in a museum if it's not wanted, but now it'll likely wind up in some foundry because the sort of nanny-state liberals who run these drives don't care about value or history--they just hate and fear firearms.


  1. Id-ee-ots. Yes, they are running around $2000 in good condition - I've looked on the auction pages and drooled.

  2. In years past they had a gun buy back here ($50 best I remember) and I saw a picture in the paper of nice S&W revolvers and other high dollar antiques turned in. How about we all get together and have our own buy back event.....we could make a bundle on resale.

  3. The "sheeple" herd is soooo stupid. One day they'll wish they'd kept their guns.

  4. Yep, they won't 'allow' that gun to get back in public hands... sigh