Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Why I could not live in Britain

Aside from the fact that they eat nasty food, drive substandard cars on the wrong side of the road and talk funny, I could not give my loyalty to a country that condones and even aids squatters who take over the homes of taxpaying citizens (a fast-growing problem in that once-great nation) while locking up another elderly citizen for merely placing a doll in her home's window.

What we're seeing here is a government that is totally indifferent to the will of the governed and inclined to give preference to any party in a dispute that claims poverty or fear of returning to his or her own country. I could not live under such a system.

On the other hand, I'll bet that I could make an awful lot of money by setting up a company that would instantly and painfully remove squatters from a house, especially if I could hire enough ex-SAS guys willing to make each and every squatter so evicted sorry that he or she was ever born. (You would think that the average Englishman would have thought of this by now, but apparently any semblance of manliness has been bred out of the breed.)

Any Brits that read this, please explain: What is UP over there? We here in America saved you from the Germans twice, and we still like you, but honestly, we can't save you from yourselves.


  1. Dear Sir and your resident canine,
    "Squatter's rights", or "adverse possession" is common law dating back to Anglo-Saxon legal tradition. (circa 1100 AD). It was a law to recognise land ownership disputes.

    I read your blog with great interest and frequently share your political thoughts.

    If you'd have a care to research "Squatter's rights" afterwards you'll possibly agree that it's one of those laws that exists for all the right reasons, but gets abused much and all to frequently. However genuine liberty would be lost is this common law right was lost.

    As for the doll in the window. I feel that someone was professionally offended because they had a whiff of a bit of compo'.

    If England can ever be recovered, (and that would take a conservative with a serious pair of bollocks), you'd like England. It has level of history that you'd appreciate and a lovely country-side.

    I'd like to mention that I'm a Brit, living in Ohio.

  2. Hi Murphy,

    I've been reading your blog for some time, I enjoy it and some of it is very amusing. I don't always agree with everything you say, but a lot of it is interesting.

    I am an expat Scot living in CA, so qualify to answer your question.

    What is up, specifically with this case, is that the two homeowners have a long drawn out disagreement over proposed plans for stables to be built. Mrs Mason opposes the building of the stables on Mrs O'Donnell's land.

    After the planning permission for the stables was granted the golliwog, a toy with a long history of use as a racial slur, was placed in the window of the Mason household.

    Mrs O'Donnell took this as a racial slur, and reported it to the police. Now both parties will settle this in court. I would guess that this is far less bizarre than many cases you were called to while a serving officer.


  3. Keep in mind they are SUBJECTs, not CITIZENS.

    England has no Bill of Rights and never had.

    And that's the big difference. The Brits should have followed our lead and revolted against the King.

    But then, it's never to late!

  4. Odd, too. We saved the French twice but we DON'T like them...

  5. The Democrats are leading us down the same road.

    Reading thr article on the judge backing squatters is mind boggling. But lest you think Judge Fiona Henderson is nucking futz, you should see the comments from the subject inhabitants of the British Isles and know she's certainly not alone.

    wv: mench - be a mench and don't lie, cheat or squat nor tolerate those who do

  6. Ye Gods... I don't even know what to say... sigh

  7. The problem in Britain is that over the last 20+ years, the soft-Left have taken over. Our politicians have more loyalty to Europe than to their own country.
    The standard tactic for dealing with any objection has become to label it 'Racist'.

    Object to unlimited immigration? Racist.
    Object to the EEC and its Human Rights act? Racist.
    Object to Islamics burning our flags at the funeral of dead soldiers? Racist.

    The last government spent 13 years developing its own client state, supporting the underclass that voted for it.

    The Britain you knew is gone for good.

  8. From everything that I have read and talked to some expats from there, the PC movement has soo emasculated the average Brit that they are afraid to even speak out due to societal pressure. They are indoctrinated and then kept in line by the PC movement.

  9. @ Hayden Pritchard & Scotch Dave: I've always been fond of historic Britain and their contributions to the world--Martini Henrys, Enfields, Rolls Royce Merlin engines, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Doctor Who and Torchwood, just to name a couple (although the last one would be better without the BBC's constant homosexual propaganda added to the plots). But this stuff with the squatters? I mean, you go away for a week-end and come home to find your house filled with foreigners who have changed the locks and are now busy tossing your stuff out the windows and the police say that unless you can prove that they broke in, they won't arrest them or act to remove them? That's insane.

  10. You might find this article interesting as well. It illustrates how PC Britain has become. I have no time for the EDL who are an unreformed group of thugs but when they are attacked and the police arrest them rather than the attackers......


  11. Squatters rights is OK to a point in fact we have that here to a degree in some places but the rules are very strict. Rules vary but it is something like you have to live there 7 years unmolested, pay all the taxes, fence the land and let it be know you are claiming it.
    It sounds like these are laws gone a muck.

  12. After you start that business up in England, can you start one here in Florida? We have the same problem in this state; and unfortunately, the laws are NOT in favor of PAYING tenants or home OWNERS, nor do landlords/state/local government officials give a damn.

  13. Say,

    Take this test


    And read the page about what the political parties in Britain are doing and where they are heading!

    It will explain alot of why they are as they are.

  14. Anonymous5:54 PM

    This makes you scratch your head and say WTF