Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Left's new hero: Scott Olsen.

The leftist blogosphere and left-wing media is now all atwitter over Scott Olsen, a former Marine who served in Iraq before coming home, getting a good corporate job with a software firm, and--inexplicably--joining the unwashed hippie masses in the Oakland Obamaville tent city set up to "Occupy Oakland".

You see, the police were sent in to clear the park because these hippies were urinating and defecating all over it and the hippies decided that it would be way cool to resist, because laying around in your own or someone else's waste sends a message that you're angry because no one will give you a high-paying job. (Maybe it's just me, but would YOU hire some scumbag who came in reeking of BO and human waste to work in your office? I'm telling ya, there's a reason that these dirtbags are unemployed while the majority of the rest of us have decent jobs even in this Obama economy.)

Anyway, the hippies fought back with violence, as leftists always do. They pushed over barricades, they broke windows, they threw things...finally the police were forced to deploy gas and use a bit of muscle to get these cretins out of the park so that it could be cleaned and made sanitary for the rest of the citizens, especially the ones who actually do work and pay taxes. Somehow, in the melee that followed, Scott Olsen was hit in the head by something. The hippies claim that it was a tear gas canister that was fired "right at him", but I personally suspect that he caught a rock or other projectile hurled by one of his own confederates. In any event, scott Olsen is down for the count and the left now has a hero that they are wasting no time exploiting in media stories all around the globe. Ignoring the fact that Olsen was just another well-off white kid who worked for one of those "evil corporations", they seize on his service record as if to somehow make the claim that he's some sort of noble guy, and by extension, imply that they're all noble, too.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Firts off, while I applaud Scott's service to the country, it in no way cloaks him with any special status. He served his hitch and he got out, just as many others have done and will continue to do for as long as we have a military. If anything is noteworthy, it's the fact that his service makes him an almost unquantifiable minority among the suburban savages who are now dancing in his blood. Very, very few of these "Occupy" twits have served or ever will serve, because they're just not that kind of people. They're too lazy, pampered and self-obsessed to ever sign on the dotted line and become part of our military machine. (and then there's that whole haircut and bathing thing that the military insists on...) So he's a novelty to them, not a representative of their demographic. If anything, Olsen would have been more at home on the side of the decent American police officers who were there to deal with the mess that his friends were creating. Many police officers are former military because they, unlike Scott Olsen, wanted to continue to serve and protect their fellow Americans.

But Scott, like many others before him, made some bad decisions. He decided to go hang out among the great unwashed masses, he chose to become a law-enforcement problem instead of being part of the solution, and then he put his melon in the way of something heavy that was moving fast.

So cott got laid out, and the left is ecstatic now. They have a bona-fide "martyr" that they can put on display. Scott the person has no value to them and never did, but Scott the former Marine has plenty, and he will continue to have value right up until the media stops caring about him, at which time they'll abandon him, too.

Granted, if it had not been Scott, it would have been someone else. The left is all about creating sympathetic "victims" among their ranks for public consumptioin. This is why if you look at footage of their events, you will see the crowds peppered with people in wheelchairs and even little children. Those human beings were brought out specifically to gain public attention and sympathy, and if one gets hurt--like Scott Olsen did--so much the better! It's an old ploy that the left routinely engages in, and they'll keep doing it until everyone wises up and starts castigating them and punishing them for bringing their children to these events and placing them in front of trucks or between themselves and lines of police officers.

Scott, thanks for your service and sorry that you got hurt, but honestly, I'm surprised that your service time didn't teach you that stupid is supposed to hurt.


UPDATE: I retract my thanks and any residual sympathy that I might have had for this loser. Ed Rasimus tipped me to the article on Gateway Pundit (Great job, Jim!) that shows that this loser runs an anti-military website and that he was obviously one of those loser malcontents who couldn't hack serving and lacked the class to just walk away gracefully when his obligation had been fulfilled. I have less respect for this punk than I do for a rat. If a rat ran out in front of my truck I would probably try to avoid crushing it. Scott Olsen...well I'd have to think about that for a few minutes but it would probably come down to expected sheet metal damage and the number of witnesses.

Olsen's clearly a cockroach and I hope that whatever hit him leaves some serious marks. If a police officer did inflict that injury to Olsen and they can identify that officer, I'm sending him a gift card for a nice dinner.


  1. Gateway Pundit has just posted a revelation that Olson is the founder of a now-defunct website called ""

    They shut down apparently about 16 months ago or at least that is the last post date. It appeared to be a collecting place for folks disenchanted with their military experience.

    The top link on the site was to enroll in the FY10 Voluntary Enlisted Early Release Program.

    Apparently we can assume that he has achieved the rare distinction of qualifying to be known as an ex-Marine rather than simply a Marine.

  2. Go look at

    I don't respect the guy for his service any more than I do John Kerry.

  3. Ah... NOW the truth comes out... Thanks Murph!