Monday, October 03, 2011

Secret Squirrel stuff, Alaskan Edition

So yesterday, we were out looking around and came across an interesting place. A small "construction site", consisting of a few buildings and a number of old machines that quite obviously had not moved in some time. Normally this would not have stood out, especially in Alaska, where junk vehicles and ramshackle buildings are the norm, but this site contained something else as well--a big white golf ball about thirty feet across that looked to be of the sort used for radar antennae. We initially drove in because I wanted to see one of the vehicles but we were approached and challenged almost immediately by two stocky gorillas in matching construction company hats and jackets who were quite obviously NOT construction workers. They'd been sitting in a pick-up truck just out of sight behind a berm where they could not be seen from the road or the driveway and as soon as we turned in, they were on us, coming over to see who we were and to give us the boot. It's apparent that they were sitting in that truck watching the radar dome pretty closely, most likely as some sort of covert security set-up.

Now I'm not a conspiracy freak by any means, and neither is Tom, but we're both in agreement that these guys had about as much to do with actual construction work as we did; they just had that "military/law enforcement" look about them. (If you're part of that community then you know what I'm talking about.) I'm also willing to bet that they were better armed than we were, but that's conjecture, of course. As soon as we turned out, they pulled back into their little hiding spot and resumed their "construction work". My one regret is that I did not think to snap their picture, if only to see what they'd have done. But Tom for whatever reason keeps me from taking things too far like I'm apt to do when left to my own devices. Probably just as well as these guys didn't appear to have much of a sense of humor. I'd like to go back and check them out again and see if we can't draw them out a bit more but Tom...well he's got a family to consider so he's vetoing my proposals in this regard. Ah well...

But maybe before I leave I can talk him into another run at them, just to verify our suspicions.


  1. We're going to disappear in Gitmo if you keep it up.

  2. @ Tom: LOL. Worry not. Last I heard, they got cable TV, Wi-fi, and a decent volleyball court. Could make for a nice vacation.


  4. Probably shouldn't push it TOO hard; you're not far from the (cough) concentration camp (cough) that the intarwebz were buzzing about, a year or two back.

  5. Murph- Remember, no BACON in Gitmo... Although I could come visit and try to smuggle some in... :-)

  6. @Old NFO - NO BACON? That's cruel and unusual punishment!
    If they're preparing halal for the other 'occupants', you'd think they'd provide bacon for the others?
    At least for the Marines!?