Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crazy Chick report, Alaska edition.

In Alaska, nothing says "true love" like kicking on your ex-lover's door and firing a pistol...except possibly doing so while drunk and bringing your eight year old child and his rifle for back-up.
FAIRBANKS — A North Pole area woman is accused of trying to kick down the door and firing a pistol into the air outside her former boyfriend’s house Wednesday night.

Diana M. Andre, 25, faces misdemeanor charges of criminal trespass and weapons misconduct.

About 7:27 p.m., her ex-boyfriend called troopers to report Andre was outside his house on the 1900 block of Wallace Court. Her 8-year-old son also was there with what looked like a rifle, he said. Her ex-boyfriend called troopers from a neighbor’s house because he said Andre sent him a threatening message after he turned down a lunch invitation, according to the criminal complaint against Andre.

Troopers later found Andre at another North Pole area home because one of the phone calls to her ex matched a land line.

She told troopers she fired the shots because her ex-boyfriend had threatened her. She gave troopers a Glock .27-caliber semi-automatic pistol she said she had used.

She appeared intoxicated and later registered a breath-alcohol content of 0.275 using a preliminary breath-alcohol test, troopers said.
And here she is, in all of her Myspace glory:
Wow--a gal with a house messier than mine who can function with a BrAC of almost 0.30, and she appreciates Glocks. Where do I find a woman like that?
No, seriously--someone tell me, because I want to stay along way away from that place.


  1. LOL! Armed might be cute, armed and bombed out of her gourd, not so much.

  2. A Glock .27 caliber?? At least the number matches her blood alcohol number.

  3. WOW. A Glock .27 caliber!
    THAT'S rare!
    How many does the mag hold?

  4. Gotta love the reporting, and I'd be hauling in the opposite direction!

  5. She sounds perfect for you!

  6. The crazy ones are always the most fun, until you break up with them.

  7. @ ASM: Agreed. And she's actually got her own armed posse of kids (each with a different last name, naturally) to back her up. Sadly, that's a turn-off even when said little kids aren't toting guns.

  8. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Stay far away form nuts like this

  9. pretty damn hot, but I long ago resolved to stay away from Native Americans of all types, who don't stay away from booze!

    I wouldn't mind being her Facebook Friend though!

  10. run away run away!

  11. .275 BAC? Really?

  12. Its a report from the Fairbanks Daily News Miner, known locally as either the News Minor or Fairbanks Crossword and Fish Wrap. They suck that badly... Only managing to survive by being the only paper in town and maintaining an ever shrinking supply of subscribers.

    Sadly, the Circulation Manager is the most Common Sense guy they have and should have been consulted to fact check this article, he was one of my favorite customers when I worked at a Fairbanks gun store...

    ...its a terrible state of affairs when your circulation manager knows more about guns than your reporters and editors. But thats how it is in Fairbanks AK.