Sunday, January 22, 2012

Range Day

stopped by today. And after he played with Murphy and got him all wound up, we headed out to the range. Initially we were going to go to one about 50 miles away, but on the way there, we passed another one--probably the only range in the area that I didn't belong to--and I joined it for a year so that we could shoot there because it was much better than where we were headed. This one has got a pistol range with steel targets, a 50 and 100 yard line, and a 400 yard line (with more steel). Even better, they let you practice realistic drills, including rapid fire and drawing from the holster, unlike the range I usually shoot at.

Once I was signed up and we shot qualifying targets, allowing us use of the 100 and 400 yard ranges, we put the "new" M60 through it's paces, and other than a minor sight-alignment issue, it ran flawlessly.
I don't have any video footage of it, but hopefully Old NFO does. I did, however, get a nice picture of our rifles on the bench. Here's my Rock River AR-15 with the Aimpoint in front, and behind it is his very nice FN SCAR in .308. The ACOG optic he's got mounted on it just makes the weapon, and he was ringing the gong at 400 yards with it repeatedly. Now that I'm a member there, I'll be out there with my Savage Tactical regularly. Gotta be prepared, because, as they say, the 21st century is when everything changes, and you've gotta be ready.

We also shot much pistol in .45, .38 and .22. and then, moderately chilled, we adjourned to Marios in Berryville for some quality Italian cooking. (Italians...lousy ship captains but great cooks.)

Then it was back to the Lair to discover that Murphy had figured out that I'd thrown away a couple of his favorite old bones and a ratty tennis ball and vetoed that by dragging the whole garbage bag into the living room, tearing it open on the rug, and digging through all of the coffee grounds and other trash until he was able to locate and remove his possessions.

Damn dog.

But garbage on the floor notwithstanding, it was still a great day out and I'm looking forward to the next one.


  1. Moderately chilled?

    I guess us Texans are weenies in the cold!

    Glad you found a range were you could draw and practice some serious shooting (I've got two ranges were I go where I can do just that.)

    It's a must if you want to get real good with a gun.

    Sounds like some real good food to!

  2. Sounds fun. Is the name of the range a secret?

  3. Andy: It's called 340 Defense, on 340 just north of the VA line.

    Paul: I agree. But my usual range frowns on that sort of shooting big time.

  4. Meh... YOU were moderately chilled, I was freezing my ass off! And it's interesting how much of a problem gloves are when one is trying to shoot a pistol accurately... Re the video, all I've got is a dark blob (you) and noise, sorry.

    But it WAS good practice to shoot in the cold and weather, and I know now which gloves NOT to wear! Thanks for the invite and enjoyed it!!!

  5. Glad y'all had a good time! Me, I was shooting a Remington 1900 shotgun today.

    Sounds like good times all around!

  6. doesn't appear barrel overheating was a big issue. You guys are hard core.

  7. Wish I'd checked my e-mail. I was out chipping ice off my driveway right about then.