Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Another Michigan lottery winner still getting welfare

Hey Michigan, why have a lottery if you're still going to let it's winners who score while on welfare keep getting welfare checks?

Lincoln Park's Amanda Clayton is 24 years old, bought her lottery tickets with welfare money, and now claims that she deserves to keep getting welfare because she owns two houses and it's expensive trying to maintain them both.

24 years old and able-bodied with no dependents according to the news stories I could find, she shouldn't have been eligible for welfare in the first place. And she's not even the first. Able-bodied welfare recipient Leroy Fick won two million bucks last year and continues to accept cash downloads to his electronic welfare card which he spends without shame. But now Michigan is working on legislation to remove lottery winners from the welfare rolls when they hit. Better idea: How about if they're on welfare and hit the lottery or strike it big at a casino, the state takes back whatever they spent on welfare for that person right off the top? Better yet--the taxpayers of the state should get it all since it was purchased with their money. In a perfect world, we'd return to the days when welfare and food stamps only went out to those who were disabled and truly unable to work? Today's welfare system though is a government program and like other government programs it measures it's success by the number of people that it adds to it's rolls, and if that means opening eligibility up to everyone regardless of their need and keeping them on forever no matter if they come into the means to support themselves, then so be it.
And of course let us never forget that in Michigan, as in many other states, welfare recipients can register to vote at their local welfare offices. Is it any wonder that the politicians, especially the Democrats, tend to curry and cater to these people like they do? And it's voters like this that gave us Obama. But hey, let's just jeep letting non-producers have a say over the laws that affect the producers and one day we're going to wake up and discover that we're Greece, we can all pretend to be surprised.


  1. I think if you won the lottery you would have made over $250,000 that year. So you would be taxed like the evil rich.

  2. What really frosts me (as a Michigan resident) is that these cheats (for that is what they are) just blithely keep getting their Bridge Cards updated with more cash, while people who *really* need them and are trying to play by the rules are constantly being harassed by the Agency. I know of one guy who because of the Granholm depression in MI lost his job, went back to school to finish his degree (in his 50's mind you), busted his backside for two years to do it, and had to use the card to feed and house his family of 5. He was constantly being dropped because of some bureaucratic stupidity or another, and had to spend time he could have been studying having to straighten out the state bureaucrats about their status. Thank God he has finished and has his job back now and doesn't have to deal with the drones any more.

    So why is it that Ms Clayton and Mr Fick just keep getting the coin?


  3. OOOoohh...I will have to wait until Friday to express my impressions of those two...individuals.

    It will be colorful. And likely NSFW because of language.

  4. This was one that required duct tape when I read it. I keep going back to the fact that they feel it's OK because they now have two houses.

  5. They are no different than other modern liberals, to whom it always seems that it is everybody else not paying their fair share.