Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brits dish more facts on Trayvon...and report on other story that Americans are ignoring.

It's a rare day when I compliment the British media, but when they earn it...

Kudos to the UK Daily Mail for letting us here in America know that "Saint Trayvon", as our media would have him portrayed, was suspended three times and had been caught with burglary tools and stolen property in addition to drugs.

A picture of this "kid" is emerging, despite his family's efforts to prevent it by removing his alleged gangster wanna-be pictures and frequent references to drug use from his social media pages, and maybe his legions of supporters should back off and mull things over for a bit before resuming their screeching about how this so-called "innocent child" was killed.

In the meantime, perhaps they could use some of that downtime to work up some outrage over another Florida shooting case that appears to have racial overtones..one that the US media has been ignoring for some reason. Could it be because the shooter was black and the two dead victims were white? Where's Sharpton and the "no justice, no peace" choir at in this case?


  1. I wonder if Obama's son still looks like him? And if said son would have ghetto gold teeth?

  2. Easy answer, there was no 'racism' on the second case (at least according to Holder)... sigh

  3. Yup... no sign of racism in the second case. Time to move on. Nothing to see here.