Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bad day at Juarez as ammo truck makes wrong turn into Mexico.

So a truck driver makes a wrong turn, and Howie over at UNAC takes the hit for 268,000 rounds of ammunition, some of which might well have wound up here as I order from him from time to time.
Costly wrong turn as truckload of ammunition winds up at Mexican border crossing.

Of course all of the usual suspects on both sides of the border are touting this as some sort of "success" in the battle to keep American guns and ammunition ouit of Mexico. And as of this writing, the driver and truck are still being held in Mexico.

Apparently it's not convenient to focus on the simple facts related to how illegal guns and ammo really get to Mexico.

Clearly, it's not US shippers that are responsible.

Now to be fair, corrupt US agents contribute to the problem somewhat. And do I really need to reference Eric Holder's Fast and Furious criminal enterprise again?


  1. And the driver's name was.....Akeem??

    Hmmm....something don't smell right.....

  2. Yep, tad bit strange...

  3. Don't know about you, but I would have at least stopped on the bridge and tried not to enter Mexico with that cargo.

  4. This guy will be lucky to stay out of jail, and they will be keeping the ammo.

  5. I still wonder why ANYONE near the border does not have a GPS to check where they are.

    They don't cost much. In fact they cost much less than it cost to be in jail in Mexico for ANY reason.

  6. The driver's name being Akeem was why he was ignorant enough to drive into Mexico with a load of ammo.

    It would have been cheaper and easier to either slowly back up, or just sit there until your truck gets towed.