Monday, April 30, 2012

Thank you, Union Bar!

The Union Bar in Iowa City has earned my thanks, and the thanks of every red-blooded heterosexual male in America by virtue of their decision to keep Jordan Ramos from dancing on their bar. Of course she's holding press conferences and hinting about suing sue now because they told her that she was "too fat" and "not pretty enough" to get up on the bar and dance.

Fat girl claims discrimination after being barred from dancing on bar.

While this doesn't sound like the sort of place that I'd choose to hang out in, I have to admit that if I were in such a place, the last thing that I'd want to see was a Rosie O'Donnell look-alike shaking it in my face. And I think that it's reasonable to expect that in bars like that, that the women who are put in front of the customers as entertainers, be they paid staff or enthusiastic amateurs, actually be women that guys want to look at.

Hey Jordan, since you're in college, you might want to take a class or two on business and maybe you'll learn that businesses are in business to make money, not to validate your feelings or puff your self-esteem. They don't make money by grossing out the customers, so instead of suing or whining to the papers, how about trying an aerobic class for a few months and Slim-Fast instead of Big Macs. You might be surprised to find out that if you lost some weight and toned up those flabby arms a bit, you'd be allowed and even encouraged to dance in front of the guys. Not a sermon...just a suggestion.


  1. Iowa has a Human Rights Commission? Maybe they ought to have a Giving Taxpayers Back Their Money Commission instead.

  2. she's a safety hazard if she's on the bar.... in a state where cow tippin is a virtual certainty after a 6 pack, some farm boy is gonna knock her off the bar and who wants to get sued when she falls over?