Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Enfield fun

Because keads got one...

So yesterday, I went out to shoot in the drizzling rain. The main weapon that I took out this time was my 1916-vintage #1 Mk III Enfield, the one that I bought back in the 1980's for less than $60.00. I was shooting some old reloads, basically just goofing to empty the brass so I could reload them with better bullets and a new load that I worked up.
This one's interestng in that, while British made, it also came bearing numerous Australian markings, indicating a change of ownership at some time in it's life.

The markings, top to bottom: British crown. G.R. stands for Georgius Rex, for King George the 5th, who was king when this rifle was made. BSA Co. is for Birmingham Small Arms, the arsenal where this one was made. 1916 was the date of manufacture, and Sht. LE III* indicates that it is a Short Lee Enfield Mark III, the * denoting a few manufacturing changes from the original Mark III design.
The D^D is an Australian Defense Department stamp.
This rifle was apparently re-stocked in June of 1939, probably because the previous stock set was beyond repair.
And the best part? At 96 years old, having likely saw service in two world wars, it still puts 'em all on the man-sized target at 100 yards, standing off-hand rapid-fire (six shots/min.), and that with my reloads using Russian pull-down 7.62x54 bullets that weren't exactly consistent when miked (.309-.312).
(Yes, I doofed one over the guy's shoulder, but that was on me, not the rifle.)
Do I like it? Hell, I LOVE it! If I had to take to the woods and rocks around the Lair with a rifle and a bandoleer of ammo to fend off bad guys, I'd have no compunction at all against using this one.


  1. Nice! I appreciate the info and can't wait to get mine in shape.

  2. I kike the Enfields, I have 2 of them, one is the origional 303 caliber made at the arsenal in India in 1942 and the second one made at the same arsenal in 308 caliber in 1965. Both shoot well and I picked them up kinda cheap in the early 90's

  3. I like the old Enfields for some reason. They usually have a 'rough as guts' trigger pull but they are rugged.

  4. Beautiful. I have never seen one of those before.

  5. Nice! And not bad shooting either! :-)

  6. I've got one with a 1913 date stamp on it, I'd have to look at it again to figger out the rest of the story on it. I am sooooo itching to put some metal downrange with it, but the local range we usually use won't let me use the only .303 rounds available locally. *sigh* I am soooo jealous....guess I'll have to make up for it with TWO boxes for my Mosin next time.

  7. @ RA...How can a range say that you can't shoot a .303 but have no problem with a Mosin in 7.62x54? That's just weird.

  8. Can’t go wrong with an any Enfield, just wish you could still get all that cheap surplus ammo for it!

  9. No idea, Murph...they attack the box of ammo with a magnet, and if it sticks, it don't go in. The Mosin ammo doesn't stick. Go figger.