Monday, May 14, 2012

A first! Blog post from my iPad.

Posting live from the Charles Town McDonalds. (hey--they got free wifi.)

This is my first time on-line with the new toy and my first blog post. Hello, 21st century!

First lesson learned: when watching videos like the Randolph Scott video below, turn off volume first. I think everyone in the place jumped at the full-volume sound of that first gunshot. Sorry, fellow diners! My bad.


  1. "I think everyone in the place jumped at the full-volume sound of that first gunshot."

    In WV, you're pretty lucky another patron didn't return fire.

  2. Now it's gonna get interesting... LOL

  3. Cool! I am commenting for my iPad...I hate mine, but I probably just don't k ow how to use it right!

  4. Cool! But I would need my nephew or daughter to show me what to do with it.

  5. LOL w/BrokenAndy: I got this image of two guys having a showdown in front of the order counter, pointing their iPads at each other and frantically trying to find a movie clip with the biggest gun.

    Personally, I will never own an iAnything. Nothing against their equipment, OS, etc, I just hate the fact that when I buy a book or song from iTunes, they still insist on telling me that I can only play it on certain devices and can't put it on another computer. Sorry, but I thought the whole point of iTunes was to keep people from if I buy it, I'm darn well gonna use it where I want to.

  6. Yup, love my iPad2 for blogging. I will get an idea, take a picture to illustrate it - or sometime it's vice versa - write some text, add the picture and post the blog, all sitting at a McD's. Starbucks always works, too. And both are usually good from an adjacent parking lot if you're temporarily broke. (Bathrooms are still free.)
    Dunno about blogger - I use the WordPress app for my blog of that ilk - but it makes the process a lot easier. Then I check and tweak in a normal browser.
    Great tool!