Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hey,I'm old!

And not much confirms it like the news that I just got.

I won an ipad in a raffle.

"Cool," I thought. I'd just bought the ticket to help out a kids' group.

Then I realized that I have no idea what an ipad is, or what it does.

I'm old.


  1. Dude, As long as you do not drink the Apple Kool-Aid hard and deep, you will like it. Or not. I don't have one, but they are useful things.


  2. Oh, it's not really a laptop, but more than a smart phone. If you don't want it, lets talk about it. I would offer to buy it from you for "evaluation purposes".

  3. They're cool as consumption devices. Just don't think you'll get real work done on one.

  4. I first sat across a desk from a computer shortly after leaving the AF. It was a Mac II. I didn't "do DOS" so it was perfect for me. But, when I bought one a couple of years later it was a PC and I've been hard-core Windows ever since.

    But about 15 months ago I got an iPod to play music in the car. Looked at some of the apps and had to have an iPhone because it kicked my BBerry's butt. Soon SWMBO needed an iPhone and I decided an iPad would be a neat thing.

    I am joined for symbiotically with the gadget. I can go nowhere without it. It is my book, my bank, my TV, my data source, my communication, my entertainment, my companion...I don't need people any more. I'm free at last. I must have data; more data! Give it to me. Bandwidth is what I live for. Movies, TV reruns, Youtube viddies, social networks, shopping, slingshotting birds into pig stys, smiting armor clad villains in medieval castles, don't touch my iPad. Get away! I don't need you anymore....

  5. So Ed, what you're saying is that I don't need to buy ihooks so I can hang it on the wall? My co-workers lied to me?
    They've been enjoying this all day. When I won it, one turned to me and smiled condescendingly. "You don't even know what that is, do you?"

    I had to say no.

    Damn kids.

  6. NEAT .. i'm sure you'll figure out how to use it in no time.

  7. I'm not clear on what they are, either. But then I also did college chemistry with a slide rule...