Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nancy Pelosi says...

"Obamacare will be upheld 6-3 because I know the Constitution!"

And she knows it well enough to predict the Court's still-to-come breakdown, too. Wow.

I think what she means is "We have four Liberals on the Court who have always supported a Nanny State and two unapologetic cheerleaders that Obama just appointed specifically to push this through!"

Now that may or may not occur (and I actually doubt it), but Nancy Pelosi claiming that she "knows the Constitution"?

We'll just put that claim alongside those of a few other "knowledgeable people:

"It won't even need lifeboats, because I know shipbuilding."

Thomas Andrews, Builder in charge of the Titanic.

"The Destruction of their base at Pearl Harbor will keep them out of the war, because I know Americans!"

Hideki Tojo

"Moscow and all of Russia will fall to us this winter because I know strategy!"
Napoleon and Adolph Hitler

"There's no need to evacuate or call for federal help, because I know hurricanes!"
Ray Nagin, Mayor of New Orleans, just before Hurricane Katrina

"There's no need for concern. I know these waters."
Capt. Joseph Hazelwood, Exxon Valdez, and Jonas Grumby, Skipper of the Minnow (Gilligan's Island)

"Don't worry about spills, because we know deepwater drilling!"
British Petroleum

"The Edsel will be our best seller ever, because we know car buyers!"
Ford Motor Company

"No one will like these guys. I know music."

Dick Rowe, Decca Recording Company executive who turned down the Beatles in 1962

"We'll win this one easily, because I know Indians."

Gen. George A. Custer, June 24, 1876

Oh, and this one just came in:
"They'll all overlook this little affair and elect me President because I know voters!"
John Edwards to Rielle Hunter

I gotta run now, but feel free to add a few more to the Comments section.


  1. Anonymous2:54 PM

    We will have Peace in our time.
    Neville Chamberlain

  2. Nancy Pelosi belongs to species Homo Sapiens. And that would be the ONLY reason I consider her human. The National Zoo has creatures behind bars who have more intelligence than those who support her.

  3. You forgot, "Obama will never win because I know Americans!"
    US voters in 2008.

  4. "I'm ashamed of you, dodging that way. They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance."MGen John Sedgwick

  5. As you are aware, I am a little (just a tiny bit :) ) on the liberal side and even I cannot stand Nancy Pelosi. In fact, I almost officially changed my status from Democrat to Independent at the local courthouse because of her.


  6. @ Katherine: YOU no longer a Democrat? The's wobbling on it's axis!

    PS: Just kidding! Welcome to being an Independent...And welcome to America.