Wednesday, June 06, 2012

68 Years ago today

American fighting men landed on the beaches of Normandy, France. They took that country away from Germany, gave it back to the French, then went on to save the rest of Europe.

It was the largest invasion force the world had ever seen...or would ever see again.

1,465 of those Americans would die before that day was over. Thousands more would die before the job was done and Europe was free of the war they'd gone over there to end. But they did it. WE did it.
To Europe, on behalf of America, I say "You're welcome".

And to those on the continent who today profess disdain or hatred towards our losers can kiss our collective ass. If not for America, you'd likely be cursing us in German today.


  1. They're called The Greatest Generation for a reason.

    They earned it.

    May we never forget.

  2. Yes we did do it. I fear we will never have the resolve to do it again as a nation.

  3. BTW, you need to re-caption that first image: "A Look Inside A Can Of Whup-Ass"