Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Illegal shoots self with gun

Can we tally the violations here?

Sheriff: Drunken teen killed by own ricocheted gunshot in Little Mexico

Let's see...We have:

Underage drinking (the deceased)
Providing alcohol to a minor (the father)
Unsafe handling of a firearm/blatant violation of the safety rules (the deceased)
False information to law enforcement (the father)
Being in our country illegally (the whole family)
There mere existence of a place called "Little Mexico" within our borders (Congress and Obama)

So how about we get some prosecution and deportations going here instead of just calling for more gun control on the rest of us?


  1. A Darwin Award Winner.

  2. Too bad he didn't have a larger caliber. Might have penetrated the butane tank, set it off, and got the whole family. (Yeah, I'm a bigot - sue me)

  3. I call bullshit.

    Curved surface reflects the slug back to him with enough velocity to kill (and it is a .380 to start with?)?

    nope. something else happened. Like one of his buddies forgot the 4 rules.

  4. Heh. Never let something trivial like "facts" or "logic" or "morals" stand in the way of your agenda. They'll stay here, simply because they've been told if they don't vote a certain way, they'll be deported.