Thursday, June 28, 2012

Justice John Roberts can kiss my ass.

I'd expected such a decision from Stevens and Bader-Ginsburg, the liberals on the court, for they have no understanding of or respect for our constitution or the intent of it's framers. And Obama's two picks were purely partisan drones, unqualified to to anything except vote to preserve his confiscation of our health care system, so I was expecting this from them as well. But to have the nail of socialism driven through the heart of our republic by Justice Roberts is almost too much to bear. And let's be clear here--his was the deciding vote. He and he alone could have put a limit on the government's power to tax and control us all. And as an alleged "conservative", he clearly knew or should have known better.

I'm thinking that it's getting close to "lock and load" time. November's elections may well be the last chance to stop our nation's slide into hell and prevent the civil war that Barry Obama seems intent on provoking.

Hell, the liberals already want such a fight. Cher wants a revolution. Anti-American cartoonist Ted Rall wants revolution. And Barack, the Great Divider himself, has made setting one class of American against another his only real strategy since running for office.

Personally, I was counting on the Peoples' elected representatives to stand up for us, but as Obama and his hench-toadie Eric Holder are showing us right now, Congress can and will be bypassed and ignored if Obama doesn't think that he'll get his way. I was counting on the Supreme Court as a back-up, figuring that even with Obama stacking it with his puppets, there was still enough respect for our nation's history and the intent of it's founders to keep any one president from assuming the mantle of dictator.

Today's decision, coupled with the Court's stomping on Arizona's attempt to deal with it's illegal alien infestation last week, has nearly convinced me that the only alternative left after the ballot box and the jury box has failed may well be the cartridge box.

It's a rash step, and one that I hoped that I'd never see, but if this next election doesn't set things to rights, I have to ask myself--and all of you--what other choice will we have? Personally I don't want it, and I'll weep for my country when it happens, but what other result can come of continued assaults on our liberty and disdain for our constitution such as Obama and the left are daily subjecting us to?

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got weapons to clean and inspect and a new workout program to plan. Come the revolution that Obama and his Alinskyite followers seem determined to provoke, this old one-legged fat guy doesn't plan on sitting it out.


  1. Get a grip, things are not always what they first appear to be.

    Roberts pulled off a genius decision that finally shackles the liberals from using the commerce clause to force socialism upon the country. It forces the cost to be a painful tax burden on individuals who vote.

    Obamacare can be defeated after the next election, but the bigger issue was and is the blocking of the use of the commerce clause to steal our freedom. Please read the below article at Slate:

  2. Dick's got a point.

    If we can just hold on a little longer.

    Nonetheless, I shall keep my sweet little anniversary gift clean and loaded.

  3. Sadly I am of two minds, on one hand I think this is Roberts telling us to clean up our act, in the other I think it was a stupid move that may well lead to our next civil war.