Saturday, June 23, 2012

Obama to hispanics: I'll make you all citizens but I don't trust you with silverware

Obama speaks before a thousand hispanics at their own conference but has the Secret Service take all of their silverware away before he comes out.

Forkless Friday at Obama event.

What a slap in the face, even as he's pandering to these people for their votes and money.

Ad before anyone says that this is the norm at Presidential events, I'm pretty sure that none of Obama's Hollywood leftist pals have to surrender their salad forks and tofu knives when The Zero dines with them and begs for their cash.

As an aside, the best comment ever had to be from Facebook commenter Goodgirlcrystal who wrote: "He didn't want anyone to stick a fork in him. Cuz he's done!"

That's a bucketful of "win", right there!


  1. The SS are no problem. Just and them 47 bucks and a condom and they will leave you alone.

    As for Obama, all that meth and crack kind of makes him paranoid.

  2. Pathetic... sigh...

  3. Wow. He condescendingly looks down upon those he's trying to suck up to. That's talent right there. Not useful, but ya gotta admit, it IS talent.

  4. Maybe he was taking them for his Event Registry.