Monday, July 09, 2012

Fully functional (and totally useless) UH-1E "Huey" helicopter for sale.

It's true. A local fellow has a "restored" UH-1E helicopter for sale. Complete and engine runs.

Only problem is that in reading the ad, one sees the following: "IT IS BEING SOLD WITH NO DATA PLATE AND NO RECORDS. ENG, TRANS AND BLADES ARE MISSING SERIAL NUMBERS. "

Yeah, that's about as useful as a submarine with a screen door. The engine may start and the rotors may turn (and he has video to show that they do) but it'll never be licensed to fly until the airframe is inspected and the engine, transmission and rotor blades are replaced with new/used unit that have the appropriate documentation and signatures.

Sure is pretty though.

I'm just not sure that it's $175K pretty since it's basically a lawn ornament.


  1. Ouch... I'd hate to think what it would cost to make it flyable again...

  2. Might make one hell of a window fan, though!

  3. Heh. About the only way that'd be useful is for some Mexican boys who want to fly it below treetop level getting things across the border. Though, if they do manage to buy it, the ATF'll will probably try to sell 'em the original hardware to remount.

  4. @ Wing: Yeah, I could see Holder & co. handing certain folks all the ordnance that they could mount on it so long as there was a credible scenario in the background where you and I would get blamed for the resulting carnage.

    But it is pretty.

  5. Gun with no numbers = stolen
    Car with no numbers = stolen
    Bike with no numbers = stolen
    Helicopter with no numbers = ???

  6. Yeah, but THAT would probably fit in your driveway. Pretty.

  7. If the price was right I'm thinking who cares about legal paperwork. The day may be coming it doesn't matter, in fact there are places on earth it wouldn't matter now.

  8. Not that I'd pay $175k for it, but shit yeah I'd have that as a lawn ornament!