Sunday, July 01, 2012

It was supposed to be a blog shoot for seven...

but as it turned out, three of us made it to the range today--Proud Hillbilly, Old NFO and me.

It was a good time, although is was hot. Fortunately the firing lines are still shaded by the remaining trees that the storm didn't topple.
Normally the place is jam-packed on week-ends, but this time, for much of the day, it was just a very small class that stayed on the 50 yard range, the three of us, and two bored Range Safety Officers, one of whom can check me out all she wants. (Rowr!)

We shot pistol--lots of 9mm, .45, .38 Special and .41 Magnum (OK, I'm thinking that 16 grains of Accurate #9 is about as hot as I want to go with 215gr. lead SWC bullets...and maybe 15.5'd be better.) There was a bit of .22 rifle fired, and then we moved over to the rifle lane and fired up a metric ton of .223, .30 carb., .30-06, .308 and .38 Special (rifle). And folks--these two shoot GOOD! Come the bad times, I want them on my team for sure

Two and a half hours later, wringing with sweat and nearly our of ammo but happy, we adjourned to a local pub to talk shooting and other cool stuff.

It was a great time, and hopefully when we try this again in the near future, our absent friends can make it this time. You were missed...and talked about. ;-)


  1. It was a really good shoot - even with sweat so bad sometimes I couldn't see. I really liked that .22 training rifle. A little bit of history?

  2. A day at the range is always a fun time!
    My son and I are going out to the rifle range this Friday. I put a new scope on my Marlin 336 and want to get it sighted in.
    Thanks to Old NFO, I understand the process, and can do it in as few as 200 rounds!
    Really, it takes me maybe 10 to get it where I want it.

  3. Sounds like a great day!

    Daughter and I spent some time with some folks out in the country. The armament consisted of an 1861 10# (3" bore) firing water filled widemouth aluminum beer 'bottles', a 1942 MP40, 1944 PPSh-41, HS HD-M, 10-22, and a Mk IV-80 1911.

    Fun had by all.

  4. @ The Donald: Sounds like a great time!

    @ drjim: Let us know how it goes. Old NFO knows his stuff, to be sure.

    @PH:Let me see what I can do this week.

  5. Our morning blog shoot turned into large quanties of eggs, gravy and bacon.

    Glad you got a chance to shoot and it sounds like a great group to do so with.

  6. Yep, was hot, was fun, and we WERE talking about the no shows... :-)

  7. So bummed I missed it. Meeting you guys in person has been my mission forever. Sick kids and friends without power who needed help prevented me from making it.

    Next time I'll just drug the kid and tell the friends to do a better job of

  8. We have a 10Kw generator and connective power cord’s as well to run the freezer, refrigerator, fan(s) and other as needed items. Propane lantern’s, camp stove and grill have greatly simplified power outages for us and the limiting factor is the duration of the power outage. Our long term plans are a separate power panel run from a set of batteries and some solar panels. Doing this will not power the entire house but will power critical item’s with the solar panel’s or generator being the recharge source. This then avoids the necessity of running the generator full time and is a more stable and efferent power source as well.

  9. Need to get a good generator, myself. Until such times as funding becomes available (and debts go away...slowly but surely!), I've still got the propane stove and plenty of flashlights/lanterns!

    Goin shooting this weekend with some church friends (nothing says "fun" like your pastor packin his .38!), followed (hopefully) by a small and peaceful-ish invasion of a local country-comfort-food restaurant. Awesomeness! All are invited, if you're in the DFW area (closer to FW than to D, sorry 'bout that), gimme a holler!

  10. let me know when y'all do the next one and I will try to make it. I might drag my Garand up there;)

  11. Rabid - Let's see a little more Amon Carterism here - being closer to Cowtown than 'where the east peters out' is something to celebrate, not apologize for. FWIW, I'm a member @ HCRPC, almost next door...

  12. Glad you had a good time. Sorry I couldn't make it. I did clean up the Enfield. The exterior wasn't that dirty but I think it had the world's dirtiest bore. It took quite a long time to get that clean.

  13. Hey, TheDonald! Know some folks at church (Shady Oaks Baptist in Hurst) who are members at HCRPC, but from what I gather, folks there want to try to keep it as a "local", small range. We're going to Winchester down on 820 and Lancaster, meeting at the church around 2:30 on the 7th. Still lookin for more ranges in the area that are able to handle (hopefully) larger groups!