Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Half a Million Stimulus Dollars Used to Buy Radio Ads on Obama Attack Dog Shows

Blatant corruption, anyone?

As reported by the Washington Times, half a million taxpayer dollars were used by Barry Obama not to create "shovel ready" jobs, but to run campaign ads on MSNBC's shows, specifically the shows of two of his most strident water-carrying sycophants.

Labor Department spends stimulus funds for ads during Olbermann, Maddow shows

Ever since Obama grabbed the nation's checkbook and started handing out stimulus cash, we're heard and seen how it's been channeled to Obama donors and supporters instead of being used to create public works like roads or bridges as we were promised when the Democrat-run Congress passed the spending bill. But this is just over the top, even for the First Kenyan. How does it create jobs to run Obama ads on two shows that pretty much no one but the Obama faithful even listen to? It should be clear to the whole country by now that the only jobs Barry cares about creating or saving are jobs for his cronies and suck-ups, and his own, of course. He couldn't care less about the rest of us and it's probably giving him a great deal of pleasure to keep rewarding his lapdogs and living the lavish life on our dime while unemployment continues to rise, gas prices climb, and foreign threats continue to grow.

I would suggest that when President Romney takes office in January, that an investigation of the whole corruption-plagued stimulus program be undertaken just as soon as we can get the GAO's office cleaned up and purged of Obama appointees and that every mis-spent dollar be reclaimed from the companies and individuals that it was awarded to, at least those that haven't already gone bankrupt. (Those need to be referred to the Attorney General's office for fraud investigation and criminal trials.) If Romney is any kind of man, he'll have MSNBC writing a check back to the Treasury Department for every penny that Obama gave them, and failing that, I seriously think that the government ought to look at seizing Obama's personal assets as well as those of then House and Senate leaders Reid and Pelosi, who colluded with Obama by rubber-stamping his agenda and refusing to allow any checks and balances or assuming any oversight on how the money was wasted. They were either criminally complicit or grossly negligent and they all need to be held to account if only to serve as an example and a warning to the next bunch who consider abrogating their responsibilities as "public servants" as outlined in the US Constitution. This crap needs to stop and people need to be punished for what was already done.

Sigh...but who am I kidding? We can't even get the mainstream media to report on any of this because they're on board with Obama and the Democrat Party too.

Off to the ammo store to buy another case.


  1. I hope that when Romney and crew get into office, they will launch investigations into the financial doings of the Obamamessiah and his posse. But they will not be able to because the left and their water carriers the LSM will castigate them for being vindictive and racist.

  2. But Pelosi and Reid have better remember....

    What goes around, comes around.

    The Republicans now have the gates open to do the same! Say adds on the Fox channel?

  3. Obama's Shovel Ready Jobs Program: Dig your own grave.

  4. Anonymous3:47 PM

    I respectfuly disagree with you about Romney's fitness for higher office. I like you, man. I really do; and I know I'm not the 'good person's guide to good behavior'; but I cannot vote for Romney. The factory in which I work was financed by Bain Capital to begin with, and is run according to Bain& Company principles; and I would not want my daughter working in this place. Should I take a walk and get a job elsewhere? Sure, I'd love to, if the rapacious outsourcing of Bain hadn't undercut everyone around, so that the options of bill-paying gigs hadn't gone down the toilet.

    My endgame came last month, when I discovered, that after a system failure for CNC, that Bain & Co. had outsourced our internal IT to India. Not customer service, but INTERNAL IT! No lie. I had to go into the main office and hover around a speakerphone with a supervisor and the one HR rep left, trying to decipher an Indian woman's accent, so I could get back to work. The woman was so incomprehensible we gave up, and I used my supervisor's password for three days, at my station, making a mess of the (computer-reported) productivity ratings for the unit.

    Honestly? Fuck that funny-underwearing motherfucker and the greedy horse he rode in on. These people are SO religiously focused on the idea that material wealth is a sign of spiritual maorality, that they are blind to anything else, and are bad, bad, bad. I wouldn't wish these people on my worst enemies, and I have a lot.

    The idea of Romney and company running the grand, great nation I live in makes me nauseous.

  5. I'm not wild about Romney either, but I'd vote for a dead skunk before I'd vote for another four years of Obama OR give him a pass by not voting. I'll take Romney just because he's not Obama and voting for anyone else or not voting IS a vote for Obama.

  6. Anonymous4:10 PM

    I feel the personal need to talk about the idea of voting against someone.

    I voted AGAINST Obama last time; it was the only reason I voted for a President at all, and it had to do with my personal experience working in inner-city public schools where teachers were using their classrooms as bully pulpits to tell their under-voting-age students to urge their parents to vote for Obama, an act I found sickening.

    Not because of Obama, but because of the vile behavior of the adults trying to manipulate children for their own political ends.

    I was also barred from working at an elem school for telling a classroom I strongly felt their 'educational voting learning', which involved a two choice video screen in full view of the entire student body, between McCain and Obama, was morally unprincipled. I told the class that voting must be SECRET. A co-teacher had a fit and I was barred and ejected.

    I watched 7-year-old kids get mob-beaten outside the school for 'voting for McCain', an act about which I was prohibited by uniformed police from doing anything.

    "Obama, Obama, Yo Mama, Yo Mama!"

    No shit. And when I called the admin on it I got barred from working there... by Union White women.

    I worked in that school district and, it was rewarding, I loved it, loved it, but I went back to manufacturing because it pays better and I have a kid to feed. Dude, I don't know, and a lot of it is, that I simply can't ethically vote for either one. And I live in a swing state! My vote matters, man!

    Paul Ryan is my neighbor, and I can't stand the guy. And I HATE with a a visceral, fiery hatred, Mitt Romney.