Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Mustang Mania!

The P-51 Mustangs. They were everywhere at Thunder Over Michigan, 2012.
(Click on the pics to enlarge them.)

There were twenty of them there. Twenty. I mean, how often do you see that many of these rare and expensive Mustangs in one place?

I'd have loved to get pictures of them all, but the show started to get crowded and soon most photo opportunities were messed up by typically large people in bright-colored clothing who apparently came out to do nothing but stand next to all of the aircraft and talk to each other so as to ensure that no one could get any pictures of the aircraft without them in the shots. And this brings to mind a bit or airshow etiquette: If there's not some particular aspect of the aircraft that you absolutely must have a look at up close, stand back from them far enough to let the people who came to photograph them get shots of them without you filling half of the frame. And the prime offenders seemed to be people who weren't even interested in the planes but were just there with an aircraft enthusiast and stood forever right in front of the one plane or another looking bored. I'm thinking that at the next show, if people stand around just idly blocking photo opportunities for extended periods, the rest of us should be able to whack them with paintball guns. Get five different paint pock-marks on you and security just throws you out. Just a thought...

The Mustangs flew, too, eleven of them at once. And the air was filled with the sweet sound of Rolls Royce and Packard V1650 "Merlin" engines. And it was good.

Here's a P-51B model. Only one at the show.

And here's a few more, taken as they were taxiing back in from flying. Note the last one is an uber-rare P-51C model. (The rest are P-51Ds, for those few who don't know.)

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be in my bunk...looking at "P-51 Mustang for sale" ads, of course.


  1. One of the most visual pleasing airplanes ever. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hearing a whole bunch of Mustangs fly over is like nothing else on Earth!

  3. Thank you.

    I'd have been a total wreck, just standing around drooling ... I love those planes.

  4. HAH!
    The Rev is right.
    Every time I get back from Chino it takes me an hour to clean the slobber off my camera.

  5. Beautiful! sigh... Just f'ing beautiful! I wish I could have seen it!

  6. The best we can do here in the fall is two of them. I am in awe!

    +1 on drooling idjits at air shows.

  7. The Powerball is up to where one could afford a Mustang and the operating costs and maintenance.
    I might even buy a ticket.

  8. Nuttin but respect for the 'Stang, those things were great! But my heart always has and always will belong to the Lightning. The local airshow here usually has a bunch of modern planes, a Mustang, Thunderbolt, 15 or so kit "Zeros" painted up in various schemes, and a bunch of AT-6's. Sometimes a Bearcat and/or OS2 (OS3?) But NEVER a P-38. Its a crime, I tell you!

    I also hate those who think they're being so clever, and drop a blanket or camp chair underneath the wing of a Fortress or Liberator. You can't take a pic without a line of Nascar tshirts/hats and beer bottles (yeah...this is Texass, after all...can't bring em in, but they'll sell you beer inside the airshow) screwing up the frame.

  9. Admit it. You go on secret missions for the government that others won't because it's just too dangerous. You have bikini clad women in every city across the world. You can speak 96 languages, including dolphin.

    You my friend are really Derek Flint.

  10. Hey RA..stick around. I got Lightning pics coming later today.

    @ Six: Derek Flint was the man!