Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shooting with Spud, Part Deux

Since the boy did so well with the .22, I let him pick something bigger out of the gun safe.
His request to shoot the AK-47 was approved.
At 25 yards, under close supervision, he put every round on target, with the vast majority of them in the center ring where they were supposed to go.
Better than that, though, he was safe. His gun-handling was above reproach as he always kept the rifle pointed downrange and his finger off the trigger unless firing. He was very good at racking the action open to show clear and promptly grounding it when empty. And he knows and can recite the 4 Rules.

Since he did so well, I gave him another treat:

Happy boy.


  1. Way to go, man. Spud is very lucky to have someone a qualified as you to get him well- rounded in the shooting arts. Maybe your earlier efforts took hold pretty well, in re: to 4 rules and all. Again, good job.

  2. I'm betting he 'really' liked the last one! :-)