Monday, October 15, 2012

Random shots

Just a few random shots from my last trip up to Michigan. (click on them to enlarge)

My nephew, The Spud, in his martial arts class.

Murphy is not amused.

Parklane Towers, in Dearborn.

The Zug Island steel plant. See? It really is an island.

The Detroit skyline and Ambassador Bridge to Canada.

Once more, with freighter.

Just spotted in this slip: An old railroad co. train car barge. Haven't seen one of those in forever.

Here's the old Bob-Lo boats again.

And the Sarah Spencer, formerly the bulk carrier Adam Cornelius, but now a self-unloading barge in mothballs.


North Bass Island, where I probably should have landed to let "co-pilot" tend to dog business.

A tow boat with coal barges, since MSgt B. didn't get to see one the last time he was in West Virginia. (OK, this one was in Ohio, but they all look the same, especially from above.)


  1. Wow. It would have been fun to watch that try to go through the tiny little lock in Morgantown.

  2. Great photos! I especially admire the one of your co-pilot.