Sunday, October 07, 2012

Dog Days

Sorry for the light posting, but it's really been busy around here. However, Murphy has had plenty of leisure time, and he made the most of it.

At my mother's place, he has made the hallway his own, establishing himself so that he can monitor the bedrooms and the front door all at the same time. Nothing moves without getting the Shepherd's attention. He doesn't live here, but once here, he establishes himself as the guardian and protector immediately.
And I see a difference in his actions when I'm there and when she's alone. If I'm there and someone comes around, he'll give a warning growl or a soft bark to let me know. But if it's just my mom, then Murphy goes full-bore lion on whoever approaches the door. My mom hates it because she says that he scares her neighbors and friends, but that's just Murphy being the protector. he's apparently decided that mom needs an extra level of watchdogging that I do not. Good dog.

My mother says that she doesn't really care for Murphy because he's more rambunctious than Lagniappe was and because he doesn't obey her as well. But somehow I'm thinking that she likes him more than she lets on as I've noticed that when he wants to play ball, he brings the ball to her and not me. He puts it right in her lap and she shows just how "not fond of him" that she is.

And this morning, she was teasing him with his food bowl, and he was loving it. Best friends?

"I likes Grandma!"


  1. Yep. That's one happy German!

  2. For you and Murphy and all the dog lovers out there. . dog post this morning.

  3. Dogs are never ambivalent, they know their purpose. They know who needs them.

  4. good pup.

    our 8-month-old dobe has started to exhibit the same behavior. when Chris is out for the evening and i'm home he's on high alert...when we're both home, he's far more relaxed. he guards my office door and will lose his mind if someone DARES enter the house...even if it's "dad," he'll raise holy hell until he sees who it is.

  5. My Mom didn't like our pets, either. Yeah - guess who spoiled them most?